Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my vintage boy

i found this cute outfit in an asian market while waiting for a thai foot massage. i thought it would be cute for Easter on my little lad.

thai foot massages are weird but cool. if you don't mind people all up in your bizzzzness.....
not ALL up in your business, but def. in your personal space. but also cool.

he was listening to me at this point. he was into it.
this is his "smile"

he was kind of over it at this point. "i don't want to look up anymore, i want to play with dad's cool old fire truck."

oh and i cut his hair. cut those beautiful golden curls right off. ok, they weren't golden, or curly. but i was wishing they were. it was more like a sandy mullet. justin bieber hair? not really.

now it's back to cute mohawk.

the end.


Yvette said...

He is so dang adorable!!
Photos are great! Love them all!

susiek said...

Oh Nellie! So so cute! (but he's gonna kill you someday). Not literally. You know.

Aunt Susie

Laura said...

your pictures are my favorite
and your kids are adorable
makes for a good combo!

The Richardson's said...

freaking cute

Mattie said...

I agree with Sarah...freakin cute.