Tuesday, March 27, 2012

jane withers moments

i must admit. i may have been having a few too many jane withers moments lately.

so what.

i can't help that in my old age my hormones are making me crazy.

i can't help it.

a line from one of my favorite movies... "how hard is it to be in a good mood and just be in it?"

well i guess it's hard sometimes.

all the underwear i have left in my drawers are the ones i hate and that make me feel uncomfortable all day.

i guess i need to do some laundry.

i would like follow my own favorite phrase..... not that i made it up or anything, but it just really stood out when i first heard it many moons ago........

but i find myself rolling my eyes at everything that is usually very dear to me.

i have been letting everyone's little comments get to me, when usually i let things roll right off my back.

it's no big deal really, but a good reminder to try to build people up and not tear them down.

which is oh so hard to do sometimes.

i took out my bad mood on the dead skin on my feet and a new dessert pinterest board.

take that world.

appetizing right?

i am now rebelling and making this.....

i haven't decided if i'm going to have some or not. yes i have, i'm lying.

but tomorrow is a new day.

the birds will be chirping and the orange blossoms will be spreading their heavenly scent all over the neighborhood.

i will go for another bike ride, hopefully with less falls and whining from the cherubs, and hopefully decide to be in a good mood.

and just be in it.


susiek said...

Aw, feel your pain. Love the old photo. Is that Jane Withers? It would be fun to replicate in a modern way.

This too shall pass.

From your wise aged aunt.

Peace and Love said...

Jane Withers of the furrowed brow...bet today will be a better day. Listen to your wise mother and aunt..ya gotta roll with it baby.


Anonymous said...

j ane withers?that brings back memories