Tuesday, September 22, 2009


for all of you, my fashionista friends, which is most of you..... you know how i struggle with accessorizing. i love the idea of it, but i get overwhelmed, don't know what to pick, give up, put on my hoops, and call it good. well no more!! i keep hearing about this cute jewelry line... stella & dot. i just happen to think it has the best name ;) i love the rings and the big flower necklaces. so cute!! check it out.... my cousin is a stylist for them. here is her link and you can go crazy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

finally cooling down...

i know two little munchkins who are thinking of all kinds of fun ways to celebrate these beautiful cool mornings we have been having lately...

little miss a

that's me in kindergarten. i was little miss a. i am just wondering why it had to be a "red" a sewn to the front of my dress. i'm sure the teachers were snickering all day.

p.s. thanks for sewing all my halloween costumes mom. i don't know how you did it.

Monday, September 14, 2009


cool new music....
love: her hair, a guy playing guitar, the melody, it's so retro

don't love: she's married to the 3rd hottest guy...
1. P duds
2. bradley cooper
3. ryan reynolds

can't tell if this is a happy song or sad song (it's set to a happy tune)

check it out.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

back to school

i am a little late in posting back to school pics... but here they are. a 4th grader and a 2nd grader! they had a great 1st day. we went for ice cream and to changing hands bookstore for a little after school decompression.

field trip to the grocery???

D's preschool class took a field trip to the grocery store. at first i thought "big deal," she gets to go on a "field trip" with me to the store about twice a week. but it actually turned out to be very cute. the employees had put balloons all over the store and the kids had to be detectives and spot the hidden balloons. they had a good time keeping their eyes peeled and then shouting when they spotted them. they got to go in the refrigerated rooms where they keep all of the juices and milk.
the butcher showed the kids how they wrap and label the meats. it was pretty gross back there... creepy.

he gave them cute hats. D was so jazzed about hers.
the balloon collection is getting bigger!!!
they got pick an apple for a project back at school.
on the way through the bakery, the tour guide picked up some cookies.
the kids were so excited to decorate them!
especially D. what a little sweetie...

she and the boy next to her quickly realized they had the "wrong" color and made a fast switch.
yummy!!!! ( auntie Sar loves that word) yummy!!!!
thank you FRY'S!!! D felt very special and can't wait to work at the grocery store some day.
these last two weeks have been busy. we were having some difficulties adjusting to school hours, keeping the house picked up, attitudes towards each other, etc. we decided the kids needed to have some consistency in their story writing (and hand writing). their new job was to write a good paragraph everyday after school. for some this may be a 5 min. project, for others.... a 4 hour project. well we stayed consistent, as hard as it was to deal with, they eventually improved. all last week the stories were very cute, well-written and thought out. i am proud of them. on one of the particularly difficult nights, after the kids were in bed, i decided i had better take a trip up to wallgreens to clear my head. i rode my awesome bike (which, as it turns out, is very tight and makes for a very good work out). i arrived at wallgreens and they let me park it inside (it's a very cool bike that i'm sure someone else would want too). i wandered around, picked up some necessities and went to check out. as the cashier was checking me out, she let me know they were having a special on the oreo brownie cookies for only $.99. hello! i'm not falling for that one again! i said no thank you, put my purchases in my basket and started my ride back. i felt so much better when i got home. it's amazing what a little exercise and some fresh air can do to give you some perspective.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

going to the beach...

meet my grandchildren! aren't they adorable? baby jasmine just turned 2 and baby ariel just turned 41. their mommies are taking them to the beach. they have been really good lately, especially considering baby jasmine is really sick. Mommy D used a band-aid because she had blood all over her forehead. poor baby.