Sunday, September 13, 2009

these last two weeks have been busy. we were having some difficulties adjusting to school hours, keeping the house picked up, attitudes towards each other, etc. we decided the kids needed to have some consistency in their story writing (and hand writing). their new job was to write a good paragraph everyday after school. for some this may be a 5 min. project, for others.... a 4 hour project. well we stayed consistent, as hard as it was to deal with, they eventually improved. all last week the stories were very cute, well-written and thought out. i am proud of them. on one of the particularly difficult nights, after the kids were in bed, i decided i had better take a trip up to wallgreens to clear my head. i rode my awesome bike (which, as it turns out, is very tight and makes for a very good work out). i arrived at wallgreens and they let me park it inside (it's a very cool bike that i'm sure someone else would want too). i wandered around, picked up some necessities and went to check out. as the cashier was checking me out, she let me know they were having a special on the oreo brownie cookies for only $.99. hello! i'm not falling for that one again! i said no thank you, put my purchases in my basket and started my ride back. i felt so much better when i got home. it's amazing what a little exercise and some fresh air can do to give you some perspective.


Sarah said...

what a great plan. I will have to remember this one.

Blowing off steam is great too. I so needed to do this yesterday!

miss you

Mary Ruth said...

Love the writing idea! I wonder how son before E will be up for writing a whole paragraph...soon I think! Your entry reminds me I need to get my bike up and running now that it is cooler.