Wednesday, February 20, 2013

lent, valentines & things of that nature...

  we are kicking things into high gear this lent around here.

we decided to post our lenten sacrifices up

so that the whole family can see.

the children are enjoying holding the others accountable...

but not so much of being reminded themselves.


the kids gave up tv and all electronics

except for sundays.

and if they need the computer for a homework assignment.

we the parents kindly suggested that one (mandated)

i love it so much when they don't watch tv. they play better, find other things to do,
get more exercise... etc. etc.

i gave up biting my nails and am planning on hitting the gym more often.

and a few other things too.

its going pretty well so far.

 we had some pretty flowers around these parts for valentine's day.

 they looked lovely with the new counter tops in the bathroom....

R very proud of his first preschool artwork..
a valentine painting

valentine banner...

my 4th little flower to wear the valentine smock to kindergarten.

sniff. sniff. time passes so quickly.

R and i had a splendid day with some friends. we went to the children's museum where he got to explore a firetruck & see curious george. he had an "encounter" with curious george...
R accused him of punching him in the head.. a misunderstanding...

we decided to check out the valentine making station

then we headed over to the dinosaur museum.


we bought a membership.

his responses were so different than the girls' were

back when they were his age.

P loved his new coffee mug i got him.

the kids loved their valentine cookies i got them....

after enjoying cookies, we took the kids to feed the homeless.

they loved it and all wanted to do it more often.

it was awesome.

when we got home, we got the kids settled & had a sitter come over

so we could go on a romantic valentine date.

we enjoyed delicious thai food

and then did all of paul's favorite activities...

make up shopping, maternity bra shopping & wandering the aisles of baby stores

looking at cloth diapers.

he was in heaven ;)

and to wrap it all up....

our dinner club theme this month was

valentine's day.

we made some love stumps, chicken piccata & chocolate decadence.

it was pretty good if i do say so myself.

here are the recipes i used....

(we also made homemade whipped cream & topped with fresh berries.
i kinda burned it... so watch the time :)

weight shmeight

the dr. mentioned i had a little weight jump this month.


i have no idea why.


so i went to the gym today.

i feel so skinny now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

parenting and stuff

i was solo parenting last week. 

we survived.

when we found out soccer practice was cancelled, we had a spa night instead. i straightened everyones hair. they liked that. this was the pic we sent to daddy in the morning... on their way out the door to school.

this weekend L & D had soccer games. L's team has been a team for quite some time, so they do fun things like a "make up station"... black under eye stuff... whatever that's called... so they can see in the sun.
R wanted some too.

the games were at the same time... so I was at L's & dad was at D's. auntie sarah & chillen joined us. R liked that a lot. they rolled down the hills, attempted to dump everyones water bottles, etc. darling.

this little girl lost her first tooth. 
it was very exciting.
 all of her sisters lost their first tooth at 4 yrs. old.
she's 6. she was getting a little worried.
i personally was soaking up that adorable baby tooth smile for as long as i could.

we are so enjoying our sweet 6 yr. old  right now.
she has been very cuddly, happy at school, excited for the baby & generally happy about life lately.
it's adorable.

refreshing compared to some of the tween behavior we have been experiencing.
don't get me wrong, the tweens are just as delightful in their own way. hilarious at times.
but at other times..... look out.
i may have suggested that one of my cherubs should possibly go dunk her head in some holy water.
she kindly suggested that i might do the same.
luckily we both thought that was pretty funny.

one last goodbye to the cutest little puppies ever...

 the other day P and I were able to enjoy a day date thanks to my ma. we headed over to chili's. we used to love to go there in college. we would split the single order of fajitas (they were $7.99) add on two side salads (.99) and split the fudge brownie sundae (4.99)

well the prices have gone up a little bit... and it's not quite as delicious as i remember it being in college...

however it was just as fun.
i really love this pic from a recent ladies game night at my friend's house. helpful ladies i tell ya.

i have started watching season 1 of downton abbey. i have never been a big fan of period pieces. i can't stand them. but i'm sticking thru it to see what all the fuss is about. it kinda makes me crazy how they are always needing to rest... from what? they do absolutely nothing all day. i only like the doctor so far... cousin matthew. but what's with all the cousins getting married? weird.