Sunday, November 14, 2010

R's first food

it's that time again. time to start baby food. R loved it. he ate the entire jar on his first try.

all gone!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

S is 4!!

4 years ago my little sweet S was born!!

we had so much fun at your birth. you were born late at night, after a big rush of babies at the hospital earlier that day, we begged the nurses to let us stay and induce you. we had already found sitters for your sisters and were ready to go. they did let us stay and we were so happy to have our 4th little girl later that night! daddy even bought the doctor flowers to thank her for coming in late and helping us think of names for our 4th beautiful flower girl.
your sister D thought that we had you just for her. she couldn't believe she had her own real baby doll.
what a cute 1 yr. old!!!
2 yrs. old.....
3 yrs. old....

and today you are 4!!!!! happy birthday baby girl!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


scenes from a random friday morning...

well, this is actually from last nite, but i thought i would add it since it's really cool :) hazelnut latte for my ma.
little S so kindly documented our morning... with exception of the photos with her in them... i took those.

S is really good at scraping off the stickers in baby R's new shoes. she uses her "tall man" to do it.

thank you S.

sewing project #2

this time i made shirts. they are really fun and addicting.

i got out my trusty old sewing machine. put it on the floor. and thought about what i wanted to do.
1. i found this shirt at nordie's rack for $3. it had a hole in it, but i loved the stripes and the racer back. it also meant less work for me, if the shirt is already made, all i have to do is embellish :)

i decided to cover the hole with rolled flowers.
i cut random strips from fabric, rolled them up and stitched them right onto the shirt. covering the hole first.

the hole was kinda low, so i made the flowers in a bouquet-like arrangement. i think it also kinda looks like an octopus.
pretty flowers up close :) 1 custom shirt done.

2. i had all of this fabric and old shirts and wanted to find a way to put them to use. i was inspired here. this lady is amazing. she makes such beautiful stuff :)

so i went thru the girls clothes and kept a few things that i though i could re-use.
i cut strips from a gray tank and made rolled flowers.
i was careful not to spill my coffee.
i also made bright blue layered flowers to put in there as well.
there you go, an old white tee spruced up for another go.
3. this one was my favorite. i sketched out (with green marker) a shape that i knew i would like onto this striped fabric i got at SAS. (less than $2 worth) loose fit, open neck, flowy... i even ventured into the sleeve world.
i used scraps and continued making flowers until i had used them all up.
i sewed everything several times.... kind of whimsical and messy... but very secure. on the next one, i will probably line the applique from the inside, just to secure it even more.
all done! i think it turned out pretty cute but would do lots of things differently next time.... but i do get lots of compliments when i wear it!

pat on the back...

i have never claimed to be a domestic goddess.

but can i say, what once looked like this...... and i'm not saying just how long it looked like this....

now looks like this.
that is pretty impressive for me.
except that i felt even more guilty throwing my clothes on the floor yesterday.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010

oldest with pumpkins.....
youngest with pumpkins....
little S had her first preschool parade, our 4th child to be in this specific parade. it was fun to remember the different personalities of the girls. big S did the parade 1st, confidently walked around, but just looked at everyone. L was very shy in the parade, she would look up and give us little smirks. D literally put her basket over her head when she had to walk the circle. Now little S, she walked around like she owned the place. smiling at everyone like they were all there to see her.
cousin A was in the parade too. she wasn't shy at all, she was the line leader!
oh and the funny thing is, S didn't even pick a costume to wear. she just wore a fancy pink dress over her clothes. oh well, she was thrilled.
i escaped one nite to do some shopping with a friend and came home to these spooky jack-o-lanterns greeting me!!

we also went to a very cute pumpkin carving party, i skipped out on the carving and spent most of my time at the buffet. can you believe how cute this set up is???

this one wore this to school nov. 1. i guess if they came dressed as a gourd, they would get an extra piece of candy. i wonder if anyone else dressed up.
we went to our very first grown-up halloween party. we dressed as pirates. my mom was nice enough to babysit all of our children. (minus 1)
can you tell what we all are???
here are the final choices for the real deal nite.....
a pirate, jasmine, a red bird ballerina girl, not quite sure what little S is, and a fairy.

happy halloween!!!!