Friday, August 29, 2008

girl party

L came home from school a crying mess today. It was the end of the week, she had lost her tooth at school and didn't know where it was and SO upset that the tooth fairy wasn't going to come ( she even said "I'm so disappointed in my tooth for disappearing"), and to top it all off Paul was taking S and D camping with him and poor little L had to stay home with boring old mom. She didn't think we were going to have any fun. I told her our little friend B was coming over and we could make a party out of it. She perked right up. She said " A girl party? You mean like with a banner that says girl party on it and streamers? I said sure.
So we spent some time decorating and making pink rice crispy treats (thanks for the idea Robin). The girls made crowns, ate pizza, played in the hose, made a sign for the tooth fairy, took a LONG shower and then watched the new mermaid movie and fell asleep on the floor. I'd say they had some fun.

I heart the world too

i heart Jason Mraz

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little D

Things you may hear if D is upset with you:

1. Fine, I'm not your best friend anymore.
2. I'm gonna draw a horrible, horrible picture of you.
3. I'm gonna throw your jacket in the garbage.
4. You're not for Jesus.
5. I hate..... (then doesn't finish the sentence because she knows that's crossing the line)(may occasionally mumble under her breath an article of clothing you are wearing, usually shirt)

Things you may hear if D is happy with you:

1. You're my best friend.
2. You're adowable.
3. You're beautiful.
4. Hey, where'd ya get that shirt?
5. What are you doin' here?
6. Yippee do and pinky swear?
7. Can I have some gum?
8. Ooh, I love you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deal, yo.

On the way to dance I asked L how her day at school went and she said, in her DRAMA voice with her pigtails and missing front teeth, "Horrible."
I asked her why and she said that her friend said she didn't want to be friends anymore and ran off with another little girl. ( L makes so many dramatic faces when she talks, it is hard not to smile because she is so cute)
She then said " Yeah, so she just ran off with Nisha and said... we're not friends anymore, Deal."
I asked what she meant by deal and L said that that meant to make a promise and she had never agreed or made a promise that they were not friends. ( I knew that this little girl has 2 teenage brothers who probably tell her to "Deal" all the time.)
So she said she told her teacher and the teacher said that sometimes her friends run away from her too and that the best thing to do is take a long walk until you cool off. (hmmmm.... I wonder if that's true)
So I asked if that is what she did.
She replied in a nonchalant voice " No, I just played kitty with Leah."
If only life were as simple as 1st grade.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mad for monsoons

The girls were getting a little crazy before the storm last night. Playing "baby" came to an all new height when L came out (totally confident) in one of S's diapers and asked what I had done with her baba. I had to laugh at how comfortable she felt in a tiny diaper. She actually seemed a little relieved that it fit so well. So I refilled the bottle, shook my shoulders, and handed my little 6 yr. old her baba. And she happily went back to playing. The game was interrupted by the storm, so L and S had some fun in the rain. Good thing they had rain boots!

hunting for treasure

My friend and I got some time this weekend to go looking around at antique shops ( one of my MOST favorite things to do) I found this iron gate and thought it would be cute in the yard and in pictures! we found this store in Phoenix Lizabel's Treasures. So cute and reasonable prices. She had a map in her store of several other stores as well. So fun! I could do that for a long time. I have always had to stop before I am ready or am in a time crunch so I don't know really how long I could go. A long time I bet.
We had some photo fun when Mommy came home!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


In our family we like to make a party out of everything! We wanted to debut our Germany movie, so we decided to have a returning from germany party. My Dad thought it would be appropriate to bring a keg over, so now we have over 150 beers to drink between the adults in our family. Needless to say, even after inviting friends over, we have almost a full keg sitting in our kitchen. Ridiculous! The party was fun anyway though. We had a delicious german meal and a wonderful movie thanks to Paully.

Here a few recent favs of my adorable nieces...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my vintage baby

I bought this dress at an antique store when D was little. S was quite the sport in modeling it for me. I love the picture of her in her crib. I know it is blurry, but I just love walking in and seeing her smiling sleepy face. You know that face when they first wake up. Too cute.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

a girl after my own heart

Where does the time go? How could my little baby be 8??? S is growing up so fast and I love her so much. I am so proud of her recent die-hard crafting obsessions. I wonder where she gets that from? She really wanted to learn how to sew, so I showed her a little bit and she took off! She made a very cute animal print pillow and then wanted to make a matching dress for herself. She cut out what she thought would be her size, it was so funny watching her keep holding the material up to her body trying to see what would fit, and then sitting down so serious and sewing away! Anyway, my mom came over tonight for dinner, after being in Indiana for what felt like forever, and S was busy in her room working on something. L came out and announced that S had a present for Noni. This was not anything new. A lot of times the kids will get into the wrapping paper and bags and give "gifts" to us or whoever happens to be over. Things like old college books, empty perfume bottles, magazines, rocks, etc. So anyway S finally came out with this beautifully bagged present. My mom pulled out several pieces of paper and eventually found a small hard object at the bottom of the stuffed bag. We just smiled wondering what random thing would be in there, it is usually a good laugh finding their treasures :) Well, S had been working on a bracelet for my mom that said welcome home Noni. It was so cute, the words were even separated with spacers. My mom put it right on and was so proud and touched to have been missed so much! Good thing she only lives a half mile away! Very thoughtful S! Mommy loves you!

Its all in the eyes...

So my latest project is finally getting closer to existence. I found these awesome old ceiling tiles, they even still have some black smoke residue or something on them, and I want to put a close up picture of each of the girls on canvas in the middle of the tiles and hang them by a ribbon or something. I am pretty pumped, but I want to learn how to get those great blk & wht photos. Here are my first attempts.... I hope the girls are up for more fun :)

can we say double-dip?

Paul had the girls help him prepare dinner the other day. I have never seen them consume so many mashed potatoes. There were potatoes everywhere. I didn't mind the mess though because they had so much fun and the end result was a nice surprise.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

baby Jesus

D came in yesterday in her famous wounded voice and said " L is not for Jesus 'cause she's hittin my face with a pillow."
It was funny and disturbing at the same time. I guess that's not as bad as saying that she's making baby Jesus cry, I've heard that one before too.
We did some more pics yesterday. The girls were all tolerating my prodding because I promised them brownie bites. I need to walk around and find a cool new background...