Thursday, April 30, 2009

food review

ok, so we had a weak moment a few days ago. i am a sucker for new restaurants. i love trying new recommended restaurants oh so much! my sister told me about this place. it was featured on the food network show, diners, drive-ins and dives. it was also voted phoenix's best cheap eats.  that works for me! it was definitley worth trying out. kids eat for free and you get delicious home made snickerdoodles.

i am also a sucker for chinese lanterns.
red jade chicken and a quesadilla. refried beans and chinese fried rice. interesting combo?
the kids ate it all up!

$13.50 for a family of 6 to eat until we were very full!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pat on the back

i am writing this post in efforts to be motivated at a later date. so i can refer back and remember how good i felt.
first off, i excercized 2x today. yes, that's right, not once but twice! that is most certainly a record for me. i took a lovely 1 hr. hike with paully and S on our backs ( me-up, daddy-down). came home, made lunch, put S down for a nap and then, brace yourselves, planned out dinner. we have been making an effort to not go out to eat so much and to make our dinners at home. Paul is a great cook, i am not. i get discouraged when i spend money on groceries and then ruin the dinners. what a waste, i would rather just go out and not have to clean up! well, as i'm sure you know, that is not a very cost effective way of living. anyway... i made a dinner inspired by (but not even close to as good!) my lovely friends delicious family restaurant ( click here to visit if you are ever in the area, delicioso!!!) it was so easy and even i have to admit, it was so good! i bought a trader joes carnita pork shoulder, some yummy handmade tortillas, canned organic whole pinto beans, and a can of green chilis. i sauteed a diced half yellow onion and the green chilis on the stove. when they were cooked thru, i added them to the crockpot. i chopped the pork carnita thing and also added it to the crockpot. then i opened the pinto beans and dumped all that in to the crockpot. added a little salt to taste and let it warm for several hours right there in the crockpot!
then when the kids got home from school, we went to the gym. i ran a mile, worked my arms, and then did 15 min. on the eliptical machine. i got the girls and since the pool is open now, the kids swam for 45 min. and then we headed home. when it was time to eat, i diced up some tomatos, sliced some limes and chopped some fresh cilantro. i scooped the carnita bean mixture into a tortilla, rolled it up and browned it on the stove in a little bit of butter. yumm! we finished up all of it. the kids ate every single thing i put on their plates. this may be an example of every night at some of you better cooks/moms, but for me, it was quite a feat (the cooking part anyway)! we cleaned up, bathed the kids, put them to bed, and now i can relax and watch a movie!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

photo shoot

L and D had a big time photo shoot this weekend. L spent hours getting D all dolled up and they finally found the perfect outfit ( it is the same one they usually end up with, but are always so pleased when they come back to it that it's like a brand new outfit all over again) L posed D in various places in the yard. They even used my antique iron gate as a prop. It must have been heavy for them, the yard proves it (dragging marks). Also, S had been diligently working everyday on her hole to China. She doesn't even know what that means, but it's what her sisters said they were doing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

growing up

my baby is growing up! her special day is coming up. we got her dress yesterday and took some pictures for the invitations to her communion and confirmation. now we just need to find a veil. i remember my first communion like it was yesterday. S is much more mature than i was. i was sticking my tongue out in every picture. i guess some things never change.

Monday, April 20, 2009

sappy weepy mess

i am such a sap. i cry at everything nowadays. i just got back from my cousins wedding in Indiana. it was beautiful. they are such a sweet couple. i cried thru the whole wedding. the church ( i was baptized there as a newborn baby just 25 years ago, what?) was beautiful, the wedding party ( my brother wore his army suit... made me cry just looking at him) the bride, the vows, the exit, the entrance to the reception, the speech, the dance... cry, cry cry. it may have been me just missing my girls, or that just being in Indiana makes me emotional. it makes me miss my grandma, it makes me wish i could see my grandparents more often. so many memories come flooding back as we drive around seeing old friends, places, houses. the hospital where my first 2 babies were born. or it could be my sisters upcoming wedding. or that Nattie caught the bouquet. or that my dress was too tight, cutting of circulation... 

during our family blitz game, my grandpa was delighted that he had finally (after9 years) come across an Arizona quarter, therefore completing his United States quarter collection. and who gave it to him? his granddaughter visiting from Arizona! (my sister) a proud moment...
i was being silly with my gram and my great-aunts....
nattie catching the bouqet..... i jumped out of my seat!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
the ridiculous car that paul rented. it made me cry... not in a good way.
the bride and groom leaving the church...
my little bro....
my little sis...
the church. it was gorgeous
i wish we had video of the awesome dance moves we were sporting at the reception. i couldn't figure out why my neck was hurting SO bad the next day. my cousin reminded me of the extensive head-banging we were doing and that maybe that could have been the culprit. i had a pretty good ab work out too, they were killing me as well the next day. we almost nailed the dirty dancing move, you know the one where she runs and jumps and he lifts her up? almost...

going back to our roots

this year for holy thursday, we decided it would be fun to teach the kids about the last supper. how better to do that then go to a seder meal! our lovely friends and neighbors, invited us into their home and shared their passover traditions with us. the kids read, found the matza, ate, sang and drank (and spilled) several glasses of wine (grape juice).

Monday, April 13, 2009


top 10 things that make me happy ( especially this morning)...

1. all the pretty Easter flowers

2. S's new expression. i know it's horrible, but it cracks me up every time.
3. when the kids get up early enough, eat, get all ready and have time to snuggle before the carpool picks them up.

4. going into the kids' rooms after they have left for school and seeing that they made their beds without being asked.

5. remembering to set the coffee timer at night so it's ready to go in the morning.

6. pastel colored peanut m&ms.
7. knowing that we have a park playdate scheduled and we are going to play in this beautiful weather.

8. packing lunches in the kids adorable lunch boxes my friend robin gave them.

9. making my bed with the new clearanced shams i got from anthropologie.

10. thinking about anthropologie.


Easter went over pretty well for the most part. on our way out the door to church we realized we didn't have any more diapers or pullups. we went with the next most logical decision... a swim diaper. and as we all know, they do not hold any sort of liquid whatsoever. right before communion, S had a little accident. so everyone who walked through our aisle may have had to walk through a puddle. we got to color eggs at the inlaws. D was upset that we had to go before her egg was done. so magoo got creative and put her egg with the dye in a jar so she could take it with us. D was delighted. she held it tightly in her hand the rest of the day, all through the egg hunts, dinner, watching tv, more egg hunts, and finally even dress up. until finally the melt downs started happening and it was time to go home. well guess what slipped out of her little hand and splattered all over the floor by the front door....

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

happy birthday paul!!!!

i hope you had a wonderful day. i think i will post this picture above my bed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


kids say the darndest things........ well they sure do!
S is potty training (it's about time). so naturally, her bowel movements are an exciting thing to talk about. and everyone (mostly family members, not EVERYONE) seems generally interested and excited for her when she goes poo poo in the toilet. it is announced and we are all so happy for her. she smiles. we are proud. she is proud. she thinks this is normal behavior.
so we are at a birthday party..... beforehand, we decide to eat some delicious pita jungle ( which goes RIGHT thru you, but so worth it) well, we are enjoying the party when i feel that familiar "pita jungle stomach rumble" you feel about 30 min. after leaving the restaurant :) i excuse myself and take S with me because i'm not sure how long i will be "held up." she is mostly playing and asking me questions while we are in the bathroom. she says how proud she is of me for going potty in the toilet. i smile and thank her and laugh and tell her she is adorable. then, as i am washing my hands, she goes out into the main room where everyone is sitting and i hear her announce to everyone in such a proud and excited voice that "mommy went poo poo in the toilet!" i heard everyone laugh.
i about died.

the birthday boy

my beloved hubby has a big birthday coming up. i tried to surprise him with a party (which he found out about) this weekend. he went right along with it and even dressed up! ( one of the many reasons i love him, he was even excited to dress up) so we got all decked out in our 70's gear and went out to dinner. we had our old point and shoot because i am in between cameras. well, it died while we were at dinner so i have to post pics that people have sent to me! anyway, after dinner we headed over to the bowling alley. i blindfolded pdubs and (poorly)led him into the room. eveyone shouted surprise and the party started! it was so great seeing everyone all dressed up! i decided that this would be the first of many theme parties to come. it is too fun getting dressed up!!!