Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pat on the back

i am writing this post in efforts to be motivated at a later date. so i can refer back and remember how good i felt.
first off, i excercized 2x today. yes, that's right, not once but twice! that is most certainly a record for me. i took a lovely 1 hr. hike with paully and S on our backs ( me-up, daddy-down). came home, made lunch, put S down for a nap and then, brace yourselves, planned out dinner. we have been making an effort to not go out to eat so much and to make our dinners at home. Paul is a great cook, i am not. i get discouraged when i spend money on groceries and then ruin the dinners. what a waste, i would rather just go out and not have to clean up! well, as i'm sure you know, that is not a very cost effective way of living. anyway... i made a dinner inspired by (but not even close to as good!) my lovely friends delicious family restaurant ( click here to visit if you are ever in the area, delicioso!!!) it was so easy and even i have to admit, it was so good! i bought a trader joes carnita pork shoulder, some yummy handmade tortillas, canned organic whole pinto beans, and a can of green chilis. i sauteed a diced half yellow onion and the green chilis on the stove. when they were cooked thru, i added them to the crockpot. i chopped the pork carnita thing and also added it to the crockpot. then i opened the pinto beans and dumped all that in to the crockpot. added a little salt to taste and let it warm for several hours right there in the crockpot!
then when the kids got home from school, we went to the gym. i ran a mile, worked my arms, and then did 15 min. on the eliptical machine. i got the girls and since the pool is open now, the kids swam for 45 min. and then we headed home. when it was time to eat, i diced up some tomatos, sliced some limes and chopped some fresh cilantro. i scooped the carnita bean mixture into a tortilla, rolled it up and browned it on the stove in a little bit of butter. yumm! we finished up all of it. the kids ate every single thing i put on their plates. this may be an example of every night at some of you better cooks/moms, but for me, it was quite a feat (the cooking part anyway)! we cleaned up, bathed the kids, put them to bed, and now i can relax and watch a movie!!!!


Anonymous said...

You definitely deserve an award for accomplishing all of that in one day. Brownie points for you.

Sarah said...

Holy Housemaker Batman!!

I am jealous as you have put my day to shame. GOOD FOR YOU...now, please send some of that motivation this way!!

I give you the "I am the best Mom/Wife/Woman award for the week!"

Lorie said...

Are you trying out to be the next WonderWoman? I think I am going to have to try that recipe. Thanks!

Jana said...

I couldn't be prouder.