Wednesday, April 22, 2009

growing up

my baby is growing up! her special day is coming up. we got her dress yesterday and took some pictures for the invitations to her communion and confirmation. now we just need to find a veil. i remember my first communion like it was yesterday. S is much more mature than i was. i was sticking my tongue out in every picture. i guess some things never change.


Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous...and so is the a darling girl..and her upcoming VERY special day!

Sarah said...

wow! what an exciting time for S and you and Paul! She looks beautiful and it will be such a great day. Ashley is going through the same with Kaila right now too!

Good times

Mindy said...

She is absolutely beautiful!

Lorie said...

S is very beautiful and she does look very mature in the photo. Maybe because she is your oldest? But then again you were the oldest right? :) I would love to see the veil on her.
I can't wait to see S in church going up to communion! How exciting!