Sunday, September 28, 2008

copy cat

creek fairies

P, the little cherubs and I went for a little Sunday drive today. We headed up to Payson to look for antiques ( looking for a cool tub and matching vanities) and to let the chillen run and play. We had a magical time making flower wreaths and looking for creatures in the creek. We found cool walking sticks and I found more perfect pumpkin toppers!! S and L were happy jumping from rock to rock and I can't believe no one ended up all wet. D and S threw flowers and pebbles into the stream. The pebbles then graduated into stones and then to heavy rocks and then we moved due to safety issues. The girls also found some glittery river rocks and decided to take them in for show and tell. Now they are all tucked in nicely to beddy bye ( thank goodness because the ride home was LOADS of fun)

Friday, September 26, 2008

cutie patootie

why do they have to grow so fast? 

good news

My love said he wants to take me on a date to ride the  new light rail. This is really great news.

the do info

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love my digikit.

I could play with this all day! I think I'll design my own Christmas cards this year. I want more digikits!

what's a girl to do?

What am I supposed to do? My husband leaves for Vegas, leaving me all alone with the girls. What should we do??? Hair do's!!!!! 3 hours worth to be exact. I found a website with hair do ideas, I know my life is so exciting, and we just had to try them out. D didn't mind getting the rag curlers, but then she didn't want to sleep with them so all that time was for nothing. So the next morning the girls wanted the "princess" do's. Guess what... day 3 and they are still in! Gross!!!!! They have bathed, just not washed their hair. I now accept this Mother of the Year award, self appointed again.....

Remember our parent of the year awards Chris???? At the jimmay boufay concert????????

Saturday, September 20, 2008

love days like this...

What a lovely day we had yesterday. We went for a drive (we love to do that, waste gas, drive around aimlessly)( well, I love to do that, P was only doing it because he is going to Vegas and he was trying to make me happy) he was telling the kids about the lost dutchman story and the superstition mountains. Y0u could hear a pin drop in the car, they were so into it! I liked his description of being scalped ( getting all your hair cut off) We finally decided to stop and run around @ a coffee shop. I had to take a picture of D, she was holding a box she found that she had made last Christmas and decided to carry it ALL day. She never put it down. She even slept with it in the car. While I was trying to get a pic of D, I could see the strip show S was putting on through the viewfinder. As I was fumbling to put the camera away, S was having a great time making a scene while taking her diaper off. She had all the tables looking at her and laughing so she was loving it. I was dying, I didn't think this was appropriate for an eating establishment. She finally kicked it off and was laughing and saying "Na na na na na!" It didn't help that her sisters thought she was hilarious. We then went outside and played in the grass for a long time. The girls were enthralled with the butterflies and beetles flying around. I told the girls to stand still like a statue and the butterfly might land on them. D's pose was more like Hile Hitler and she was sad that a butterfly never chose her for landing.

Friday, September 19, 2008

our silhouettes

I got this idea from the nienie dialogues ( love her!) She submitted an article to cookie magazine and explained how to do it, so I gave it a try. Fun!!!

yikes! I knew it was gonna be huge!

Today we unveiled the beehive and it was gigantic! We had the bee master out again because the first round did not take care of all the bees. So he did another treatment and we decided it was good enough. There are still bees buzzing around though. Not good. So Pdubs went ahead and removed the hive. It was even bigger than we thought! We had to throw away the wood because it was so plastered with beeswax. We learned a ton about hives, it is actually quite fascinating! We could see the different layers of larvae and pollen and honey, worker bees and drone bees. We didn't find the queen bee though. The girls have little pieces of it all bagged up and ready to take to school on Monday.

Monday, September 15, 2008

excitement buzzing around

The first memory I have of noticing bees by our swing set was back in May. So here we are in September and I am finally deciding to do something about it. We tried a couple rounds of do-it-yourself spray, but that meant nothing to this queen bee. Then summer came and we kind of forgot about it, too hot to play out there anyway. Well now it is starting to be tolerable outside and I noticed that the bee issue has gotten out of control.
We had the bee master out today for a visit. It was quite exciting. He told us to be careful because the bees would start swarming when he started the spray. Please don't judge our dirty lawn, we haven't been out in awhile due to extreme temperatures and bees. The bee master assesses the damage and starts to spray. He decided they were honey bees and not that aggressive so I decided to be a die hard journalist (and get some close-ups). Once he started to spray, the bees went CRAZY! The pictures don't do it justice. They were flying all over covered with white powder. Which in turn put a halt to my driveway honey stand plans (due to contaminated honey). I had hopes of turning a profit from this catastrophe. 
Oh well.
 The bee master felt that this was a success and in two days I can check the death toll of all the bees.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the actual hive. I am so excited!!!!!

L miester

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My kids LOVE to be naked! A lot of times they literally get hosed down outside. Last night the big girls rigged up the hose somehow on the trampoline and bathed up there. They can't understand why we don't join in. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate the fact that we refrain.

the pattern girl

I often times find little goodies all organized in small piles equally spread apart with equal numbers. Whenever I find this, I know someone must be near by. That someone would be my little L. She does this all the time. I could put a whole folder together of pictures of her groupings. Funny girl. I know she didn't get those organization skills from her mommy!   S decided she wanted her own photo shoot. She was totally into posing her own way. I was totally in to her being totally into it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

night games

It's 11:45, time to turn in. I'll just check on the little darlings before I go to sleep. 
Uh oh. No number 3 (big surprise). 
I'll check the normal spots...

not on the bathroom floor....

didn't sneak into bed with big sis.....

not on our/her bed.....

oh, there she is. 

Sound asleep in the middle of the living room floor with the dog. Thanks Koda. Good boy.