Monday, February 28, 2011

magic thoos....

somebody finally lost that top tooth....

she was so excited about it. after her first day at school with it out, i asked her how her day went.

she said "it was tough. i couldn't even thay my best friends name" (Sydney)

well today i asked her if her friends liked her magic shoes (that's what she calls them)

she said "yeth. thydney hath the thame thoos. thept they have a thtrap acroth the top. altho, thydney was thick today. and tho wath lincoln."


my friend had mentioned banana cream pie and it had been on my mind since...
it was a hit. the babies kept taking swipes out of it.
S prepared lunch for her sisters on a half day... mayo sandwiches with a tiny bit of ham :)

do these kids look like they are having fun or what?


paully bought this today.

really? and i'm the one who has the reputation for buying things we don't need.

when did shaking the bottle become not effective enough?

Saturday, February 26, 2011


i like this...
S and i love to go the farm and splurge....
R really likes his daddy... and his backpack
mommy and me matching minnetonkas :)
the only reason they are even remotely considering entering a feis..... the crazy solo dresses...

baby gate

what do you do with a recalled crib? make a baby gate out of it of course.

daddy's little helper :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy balentimes day

the kids usually swap the v for b and/or the second n for m.... so it's balentimes day over here.

i bought myself a holga camera that i have been wanting. i'm super excited to develop the film.
this little gem was on sale at fry's grocery stores for only $4.99. it will be a big hit for whomever receives it... as barbies are a hot commodity in this household.
p and i shared dinner with my bro and sis and their sos. (significant others)
S and i made the most adorable valentines ever for her class. we copied the idea from another blog. this blogger stopped blogging, i'm so bummed because i love everything she does, but all of her crafts are still online... katydid.

we cut out little hearts for heads... S decorated them all differently
we then taped bodies together out of strips of different colored paper. i ended up just using clear tape around them... it took forever.
next, i traced S's hand and copied it onto white card stock. i used an exacto knife to cut around her pointer finger... on the paper of course... not around her real finger...

we glued the heart heads to the mini bodies and slipped them on the fingers... and there you have it! custom finger puppets instead of candy. S was so proud and signed them all herself.

all gathered in her bag... ready to pass them out.
passing them out...
here are my other little love bugs on valentines day.... they selected heart inspired clothing to wear...
i made this little jumper for big S when she was in kindergarten. L wore it in kindergarten and now it's D's turn. looks pretty good, but then again it's really only been worn 3 times.
and to top a lovely day off, we decided to make crepes at 11:30 :) oooh... i also got a new phone that makes adorable little movies....

Friday, February 11, 2011

so far today i have....

1. got the kids off to school, on time, happy, with permission slips signed and valentine cookies in hand.

2. had a fun spontaneous escape to my fav. treasure hunting spot... found some matching minnetonkas for D to match mommy. precious.

3. ate lunch at pei wei. delish, but my steamed chicken was a little more slimy than usual.

4. purchased floors for the office that paully "surprised" me with a demolish... but no remodel in sight. had to take matters into my own hands. at this store, they listened to my order, made eye contact, and then typed in something totally different into the computer.... hence a double and over charge, a return, a credit back and then a new invoice. was then late to pick up the kids at school.

5. picked up kids. had one kid throw a major tantrum until purposefully puking in the backseat. fun times. never thought i would hear myself say... "if you throw up... you are picking it up." i just passed back my empty cup.

6. got home. had the kids unload the new floors into the house, wiped some bums, got puked on by baby and opened a michelob ultra.

7. bribed a child with an entire package of red vines to learn to ride a bike. long story in that but perfectly sensible if you knew the logistics.

8. heard husband threaten certain death if he has to pick up one more empty wrapper today.

9. handed doggie treats out and am fully and whole-heatedly entrusting my 5 yr. old with the training of the new puppy.

10. am enjoying the rest of this beautiful afternoon outside with the kiddos.... until the babysitter comes in a few hours.

Friday, February 4, 2011

baby, it's been cold outside!

we were very surprised when we noticed this on our fountain.....

we also got this.....
baxter. paul named him.

i like how S calls his kennel his cradle.

i just hope he catches on to the whole house training thing soon.