Wednesday, March 20, 2013

d turns 8

my little d

turned 8.

she is really into soccer.

she really wanted a soccer themed birthday party at the park.

so that is what she had.

she even had her last soccer game of the season that morning.

i am bummed i didn't get pictures of all the little details.. banners, straws, napkins, etc...

we didn't even have our phones out for pics.

good thing my fam took some pics :)

D really wanted this outfit from justice. she really really wanted it. she felt so cool and cute in it i think.

she looked cute too :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

irish green stuff....

we started out our day with a quick trip to dd. man those donuts were good.
however, I didn't eat anything after the early donuts before heading to 11am church.... therefore my naughty little leprechauns left me quite irritated after mass.

but after a stop at a deli for a reuben, I felt like a new person.

then we headed home for some quiet time. i may have locked some of those leprechauns outside to run wild in their shamrock underwear.

erin go bragh.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

hangin' with R

one of the many self portraits i find on my phone...

enjoying lunch with a new matchbox car.... nuthin' better

i love the way he looks sitting on that chair getting his haircut...

 he knows he is not supposed to have gum, but every once in awhile he sneaks a piece. but then his guilt gets the best of him and he spits the chewed up piece back into the container. really fun to find later...

having his morning coffee...

a fun swim date at the gym. he had the whole pool to himself.