Wednesday, March 20, 2013

d turns 8

my little d

turned 8.

she is really into soccer.

she really wanted a soccer themed birthday party at the park.

so that is what she had.

she even had her last soccer game of the season that morning.

i am bummed i didn't get pictures of all the little details.. banners, straws, napkins, etc...

we didn't even have our phones out for pics.

good thing my fam took some pics :)

D really wanted this outfit from justice. she really really wanted it. she felt so cool and cute in it i think.

she looked cute too :)


susiek said...

Dahlia is such a doll!

The Richardson's said...

There is no way she is 8. You must be lying.

Anonymous said...

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Love, Mindy said...

Darling! But,she is not allowed to get that big!

Anonymous said...

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