Saturday, October 31, 2009

2009 halloween festivities

one evening paully decided to have a hot dog roast in the front yard. now that was my kind of camping. the kids were all clean, we could go inside and wash our hands and best of all we could tuck them all in in their own beds and have a good nights rest. the kids loved this. i guess they like hot dogs, paul bought a package of 8, i didn't eat one and paul didn't get one. they stuffed their little faces. can you tell they don't get them very often?
snuggle snuggle!
i really hope the wax coating on the hangers wasn't toxic!
ketchup face
next we roasted marshmallows on our fancy roaster. it's just not camping without s'mores!! what a great evening.
the next evening we carved pumpkins. for some reason or another, not so fun. the kids were tired, arguing, and no one wanted to get their hands dirty. but they all wanted to be in the exact same spot to watch.
not feeling so photogenic...
paul did a great job especially since he did not have the proper pumpkin carving tools.
D had her famous school parade. she said before she got there that she was not going to participate. she doesn't like people looking at her. i don't know how that is going to work with her life's dream of being on stage...
she had her head in the basket for awhile. but took it out to walk next to a friend. they had a party in their class, cookies, juice, candy, carving a pumpkin.... lots of fun!
i think p scrubs really likes the new purple wig.
S went over to my talented neighbors house to get some purple fairy make up. it exceeded my expectations. she looked gorgeous!
here's dorothy. she was feeling a little nervous. after she ate 2 plates of food, we figured out she was just hungry.
S was a purple fairy.
L was a beautiful wonder woman.
S was a cute little pumpkin.
Noni was a witch, but not acting like one because she put all the food together while i was putting the kids together. and my friend sarah brought over my fav hummus and pita chips. thanks guys!
cutest star wars family ever!
best family pic. i'm a sister wife and pscrubs is a birthday present. most people didn't know i was dressed up, they just thought i was weird. i thought the hair would give it away. don't ask me why i always go for the most unflattering halloween costumes. next year i'm doing something hot!
popeye and the birthday present.
popeye, olive oil and sweet pea.
ready to get some candy!
i can't believe we are going to get candy in these bags!!
scary smoking fountain!!! we ended up having a great time trick-or-treating. this was the first year the big kids really liked it. in past years they get tired, get stomach aches and get really weepy half way thru. D was ready to go a little earlier. she went home with olive oil. she said she was done and had enough candy. right after that we spotted a neighbor with only 1 kid on his golf cart! we filled that right up. he took us to the "scary" houses. L got really scared when a mummy with a chain saw came right at her. S was yelling "you're not real!!" the 2 little ones just grabbed their candy and said that it was really "pooky!"

the kids went right to bed and are just now waking up at 9:15!!! what a night!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


well, you know how i like to jump at a chance to do something new and interesting....
today i was invited to observe a surgery.

i had to scrub in...
face mask, hair net, scrubs, shoe covers... the whole 9 yards...
i was ready. i wasn't sure if i would get nauseous, but i didn't at all. i found the whole thing very fascinating. it's weird to see the "insides" of bodies.
it was definitely worth waking up extra early for. 6:30 to be exact.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

cozy girls weekend!

my generous friend, melissa, lent us her beautiful cabin up in the woods this weekend. so mom, saharah, natalia and myself headed up fri. nite.
natalia invented the apple jager bomb.
large honeycrisp apples at fry's. check them out... the size is impressive.
yummy breakfast.

time for a little hike. the leaves were changing, the air was crisp and cool. it didn't even feel like AZ!
p.s. thanks tooper (10 yr. old son of melissa) for lending me your vest. i couldn't zip it up, but i didn't want to take it off either.

the rest of the time we just snuggled up on the couch and watched movies. it was fun to lounge the day away.
quote... "velcro. next to the walkman and tab, it's the best invention ever!"
if you can guess what movie that is from and who said it.... you are awesome and you win.

did i mention who is also expecting AND has the exact same due date as me???

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

nice things....

pdubs has been doing some very nice things lately....

chicken piccata...

french toast & decaf coffee....
a variety of ice creams....
why? might you ask. pdubs is usually a nice guy, but why cater to her every food whim? why go to the store at 10pm because i really wanted some cream of wheat? why no complaints when i make myself a fried egg sandwich while he is making dinner? well, any guesses????

that's right folks. cherub #5 is on it's way.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

pink photo fun...

i took the angels to globe during fall break. p dubs had to go for work, so we thought we would tag along. it's kind of a run down town, but that means lots of old run down walls... perfect for photos!!! some dear friends brought these dresses back from ireland for the girls. i stalked their daughter one time at church. i said where did you get that dress? it's the perfect little girl dress!! she said they got it in ireland. i said oh. :( well next time you go, if you see anything like that... please pick up 4 for me!!! she said ok. well, little did i think i would ever get such cute dresses. but...they did go back to ireland... they did find 4 dresses in the perfect sizes.... and they did carry them all the way back to the states for me!!! yeah!! i love these dresses!!! and so do the girls! THANK YOU!!!!!!

we had some yummy mexican food in globe. love those reyenoso's!!! i found out there is another good place a friends family owns called burger house. i'll have to check that out next time.