Thursday, October 1, 2009


little L came home from school the other day very excited to "perform" her new songs she's been learning from her friend at recess. i agreed to sit down and listen. she's really cute when she sings, her nostrils flare out and she kind of slurs the words together a little bit, i think she thinks it sounds cool. anyway, she starts to sing a taylor swift song (fine) another song i couldn't identify about love (ok) then a song about being in college and oh that boy wants that girl... ( really not fine) i said, wow L. that doesn't sound like the kind of song we listen to and also it doesn't seem that appropriate for a second grader. she said yeah, i'll just sing the first one then. i said ok. she said i taught my friend 3 songs too. wanna hear 'em? ok....
1. michael jackson (awesome)
2. build me up buttercup (cuteness)
3. Jesus love is a bubblin' over ( even more awesome)

it made me glad to know at least her contributions on the playground were positive.

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