Wednesday, October 14, 2009

lovely weekend...

what a great weekend we had. at first i was a little bummed because paul was going camping again. he took D and L, so i was happy that they got to go, but i still was sad that we weren't all going to be together. but we ended up having a ton of fun. first, S babysat little S so that i could do a photo shoot of this awesome family...

S did such a great job babysitting that i treated them to dinner and ice cream afterwards. we went to rula bula and had some irish food ( S likes to go there because her picture is on their to go menu from when she was 2 yrs.old) so after we ate we walked over to the cookies ice cream store and enjoyed some ice cream sandwiches. the kids get to pick the flavor of cookie and ice cream so it's a win win for all. well, outside of the store there happened to be some kind of motorcycle-snake group hanging out. i thought we could just slide by. but oh no. S had to make a fuss over the snakes. she loves all things creepy and crawly. the guys let her hold one of the snakes. she was begging me to buy one. no thank you. it was pretty dark so i couldn't get a good picture, but she was delighted. the snake wrapped itself all the way around her little body.
so the next morning we got some housework done. stayed home and relaxed. and then met some our our most favorite girls at a pumpkin patch!
we went on hayrides, picked a pumpkin, decorated the pumpkin and just let the kids play. it was a nice day. i started to get a little freaked out around the animals and lack of soap and warm water, but that's my own deal. the kids really liked looking at the pigs and goats and cows. some of the goats were really interesting and causing lots of questions about body parts.

i had a great little helper helping me find broken stems for more pumpkin decorations!!! that was exciting.

later that night, dad came home with the other girls and we met at at friends house and had a really yummy mexican dinner. a perfect end to a perfect weekend.


Lorie said...

Very nice picture of the H Family. I still can't believe that S has that giant snake around her neck and she can still smile. She is very brave! And that icecream cookie sandwich shop sounds like a great place for a treat! I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Jana said...

Can I hire you please? When is your next opening? Call me I say, call me!