Wednesday, January 18, 2012

oh january

i have enjoyed these first weeks of january. a new year already. why does life fly by so fast. my grammie recently was observing my family (at a very hectic but happy after dinner, before bed & bath, wild time of the day) and said "oh nell, such a long way to go".

i know that is true, but at the same time i feel like the kids grow so fast. with so many brand new babies around me, it makes me realize how far my kids have come. they are so big! i am so thankful for them and how helpful they are. (when they are not fighting) it is fun to just watch them be who they are. it's hard to make that change of making all the decisions for them and letting them make their own decisions. i know i have to trust and enjoy them for who they are. it's also fun at the end of the day to laugh and talk about the things they do & say w/ paully. they are always doing things that are so "them". i'm thankful for him (paul) too. he's such a great dad. and a great husband. we just celebrated our 17th dating anniversary. he's also out of town. can you tell? i.don'

recently we:

1. built our first ramp

2. S went out with all the 6th grade girls to pizza and a movie for no other reason than to go out. such a big girl thing to do.

3. we added ruby chanel to our family (paul's doing 100%)

4. we celebrated the chinese new year with our dinner club

5. we got distracted with painting instead of writing christmas thank you cards

6. i have been trying to do something active everyday (riding bikes to school instead of driving, etc) making healthier choices.

7. LOVING my gram and gramp being here.

8. holding lots of babies

9. reading the trumpet swan to the chillens and enjoying it thus far.

10. trying to grow out my bangs.

Monday, January 9, 2012

wait, what?

my friend was telling me about this little old neighborhood she was driving thru that had the most unusual animals. i, of course, immediately headed over. i pulled up, and to my astonishment, was a pet zebra. it was just so odd to see a zebra walking around in someone's front yard.

baby R really liked it.

when i picked up little S from school, i told baby R to tell S about what animal we saw. he, of course, can't do that yet and S said just tell me mom.

so i said..
"o.k. i'll give you a hint. it looks like a horse, but it has black and white stripes all over it's body."

little S said..
"a dead zebra."

i said.. "no, a real zebra!"

little S said... "was it dead?"

i said.. "nooo. it was alive! at someone's house!"

S said... "was it in the back of a truck?"

i said.. "no... it was happy and alive in a yard."

little S.. "oh."

we also saw a ponkey. a pony and a donkey. or maybe a muleony? dony? whatever. it was weird. but cute.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

she is her mother's daughter

little d has become quite the crafty one. she got an adorable banner kit for christmas from her grandparents and was so excited to break it open. she was working quietly in her room and emerged, very proud, with her very first banner. she was so happy, she decided to make another one for her friend. she has them taped beautifully to the walls.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

pro-life bath toys?

quotes from the chillen....

the other night as i was going downstairs to tell the little angels that it was time for bed,

"qick! hide! i hear medusa coming!"

while poaching an egg in my new toaster/egg poacher, S says...

"isn't poaching bad, like really bad?

baby R says all kinds of "sweet" things... the problem is that all of his sisters think he is hilarious and keep teaching him new words. he says...

"no! sit down! poop! shhhh! (in a really sharp, commanding way) bum bum! pee pee!"

a lot of potty talk going on here. he does also say nice things like
"thank you _" fill in the blank with your name. he always says a name after he says thank you :)

interesting: my friend just told us that someone hacked her husbands' email account and said "he" was stuck in spain and needed money. one of his friends sent $2000. now that's a good friend!

Monday, January 2, 2012

a few of my favorite things..

while enjoying a homemade egg mcmuffin made from my new 4 slice toaster- egg poacher- meat warmer *yeah* *finally* (it's been on my wish list for years. well, just the 4 slice toaster part... the others were nice surprises...)

i looked around and wanted to remember some of my favorite gifts this year. well, now, i loved ALL of my gifts this year, these are just in the kitchen where i am eating...
also i must mention i received the best stress relief lotion, i keep it by the sink, i've always wanted to do that.... ever since williams sonoma came out with their soap and lotion metal dispensers... i could never justify forking over the cash to get a set... anyway, i'm rambling...

a banner made by my sis. it's chalk paint. so you can customize it for the occasion. *brilliant*
a picture made by my brother. it's funny cuz it's true.
these burlap candles made by *ahem* me. the font reminded me of the font from my gramp's vintage stamps :)
matryoshka measuring cups. p.e.r.f.e.c.t.
an old music book given to me by my ever so crafty aunt. it belonged to my great grandparents. so cool.
i can't wait to use this customized stationary. i love the different fabric swatches :)