Monday, January 2, 2012

a few of my favorite things..

while enjoying a homemade egg mcmuffin made from my new 4 slice toaster- egg poacher- meat warmer *yeah* *finally* (it's been on my wish list for years. well, just the 4 slice toaster part... the others were nice surprises...)

i looked around and wanted to remember some of my favorite gifts this year. well, now, i loved ALL of my gifts this year, these are just in the kitchen where i am eating...
also i must mention i received the best stress relief lotion, i keep it by the sink, i've always wanted to do that.... ever since williams sonoma came out with their soap and lotion metal dispensers... i could never justify forking over the cash to get a set... anyway, i'm rambling...

a banner made by my sis. it's chalk paint. so you can customize it for the occasion. *brilliant*
a picture made by my brother. it's funny cuz it's true.
these burlap candles made by *ahem* me. the font reminded me of the font from my gramp's vintage stamps :)
matryoshka measuring cups. p.e.r.f.e.c.t.
an old music book given to me by my ever so crafty aunt. it belonged to my great grandparents. so cool.
i can't wait to use this customized stationary. i love the different fabric swatches :)


The Richardson's said...

You are like my coolest friend. Those things are all so unique and fun!!

Michelle said...

love the banner~ fun to see your favorites. what a good idea and a great way to remember some of your favorite things. hope friday was fun, bummed we had to miss out.

susiek said...

Love your presents! They are so "you". I was happy to pass down the vintage books!
Aunt Susie