Monday, January 9, 2012

wait, what?

my friend was telling me about this little old neighborhood she was driving thru that had the most unusual animals. i, of course, immediately headed over. i pulled up, and to my astonishment, was a pet zebra. it was just so odd to see a zebra walking around in someone's front yard.

baby R really liked it.

when i picked up little S from school, i told baby R to tell S about what animal we saw. he, of course, can't do that yet and S said just tell me mom.

so i said..
"o.k. i'll give you a hint. it looks like a horse, but it has black and white stripes all over it's body."

little S said..
"a dead zebra."

i said.. "no, a real zebra!"

little S said... "was it dead?"

i said.. "nooo. it was alive! at someone's house!"

S said... "was it in the back of a truck?"

i said.. "no... it was happy and alive in a yard."

little S.. "oh."

we also saw a ponkey. a pony and a donkey. or maybe a muleony? dony? whatever. it was weird. but cute.


Drama Queen said...

awesome! i have to go!

Love, Mindy said...

What??? Where?
I love it!