Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can stuffed animals be goth?

Hahaha. Not really. The girls are really enjoying these last few days of summer. Staying in their jammies until they decide to play spy (hence all the black clothing) or bride. Enjoying breakfast on the counter around 10:00am and watching lots of movies. I guess that's what summer is for!
 We ran some errands today to get ready for the big back to school day on Monday. Teacher conferences, lunch box supplies and of course a few more new outfits for school. We met L's teacher today (she was a little nervous) and stopped in to see her old kindergarten teacher (she was thrilled). S wore her veil to the school. She still loves to dress up! D and I got a chance to sneak away with Noni for an ice cream treat. What a lovely day! 

Monday, July 28, 2008

p&n's drama club

Now that I figured out how to put videos on my blog, I'll just add a few favorites....

We had all of our little cousins come out to visit and guess what.... yep, they are all GIRLS! We even got an announcement that another little girl is on the way (for my cousin's family). That makes 12 little cinderellas!

best present yet.

This year for Mother's Day Paul and the girls surprised me with this awesome video. 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

everyone has to have goals....

So, if I could only get my rubber band ball as big as my grandmas! We went to one of our favorite couple's wedding this weekend in Indy. So good to go back. It was humid but SO GREEN and pretty summer flowers were everywhere! I do miss that. The wedding was beautiful and we had a fabulous time at the reception. I love weddings! S got to spend some quality time with her Godparents and the other girls were at Camp Papagoo (the grandparents) all weekend. We also spent Sunday with my Gram. It is always nice to be spoiled with a delicious meal from my Grandma. Love her!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my little frauleins

Germany. Wow. It is so beautiful there. We had such an amazing time exploring through Bavaria. The girls learned lots of new german words and we learned about lots of new german beers. No. J.K. I mean we did par-take in a little hefeweizen, but we learned a lot more about Germany than that. We toured beautiful castles and rode bikes through the bavarian countryside. It was amazing.

See... it's not torture after all

D came up to me and wanted these two bows just so in her hair. So it's proof that she likes bows the same size as her head in her hair. Who wouldn't! Can't wait for S to grow some hair for matching bows!!!!!

latest sewing project

I found this awesome  First Communion picture online. I want to re-create this whole get-up for S's first communion. I love the old-fashioned look. We'll see if I actually do it......

Children's museum. yeah for culture!

I am very excited about the new Phoenix Children's museum. We went this morning and had a blast. The girls could have played there all day if it weren't for lunch time, lack of nap for S, S falling out of her stroller and D saying that the stamp was hurting her hand. There were so many hands on activities and beautiful things to look at. It was SO inspiring that when we came home and got the little girls to bed, S and L made some lovely decoupage art projects. Look out Georgia O'Keefe!

i feel weird

Okay. Okay. So ALL my friends are doing this and I am totally obsessed with their blogs so...... I guess I'll take the plunge.