Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can stuffed animals be goth?

Hahaha. Not really. The girls are really enjoying these last few days of summer. Staying in their jammies until they decide to play spy (hence all the black clothing) or bride. Enjoying breakfast on the counter around 10:00am and watching lots of movies. I guess that's what summer is for!
 We ran some errands today to get ready for the big back to school day on Monday. Teacher conferences, lunch box supplies and of course a few more new outfits for school. We met L's teacher today (she was a little nervous) and stopped in to see her old kindergarten teacher (she was thrilled). S wore her veil to the school. She still loves to dress up! D and I got a chance to sneak away with Noni for an ice cream treat. What a lovely day! 

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Jana said...

I love playing goth spy! Ok so your mom has not aged at all. She looks fabulous!