Wednesday, June 25, 2014

8th grade grad.

can someone please tell me



went to 


in like 2 seconds????

bless yer heart

a few weeks ago

we went on our annual

"the kids are on school trips so let's take an adult trip"

with our dear friends.

2014 destination: AUSTIN, TX

we both have babies this year so we had 2 extra tag alongs.

they were cute so we didn't mind.

austin is such a fun town.
it's very artsy & hipster.
food truck galore.
antiques galore.
bats galore.
this is the bridge where the bats fly out every night at dusk.
it's the largest natural habitat of this particular bat in north america.
it smelled really bad.

one day we had a chartered bus wine tour.
it was so fun.

i really wanted to see some blue bonnets but we barely missed the season.
so tis stock photo will help enhance my memory.

we really enjoyed talking' like texans.
the entire time.
never got old.

people were starting to gather waiting for the bats.

best donuts ever.

my sleeping baby

bye y'all!