Tuesday, October 23, 2012

best deal ever

 last weekend, we decided to take the kids up to the local ski resort. they were having a canned food drive and in return for bringing cans, each child 12 & under could receive a FREE season ski pass.

ummm... yes please!!!

the kids had to recite a rule from the ski rule book, bring canned food, proof of identity & ride the ski lift.

it was a beautiful ride but we were not prepared for the freezing temperatures at the top of the mountain. i wanted to walk back down, but i was out-voted.

when we got to the bottom, we got mugs of hot chocolate, kettle corn and cinnamon roasted almonds.


delicious dates

no, not the kind of date i am over due for, but the kind of dates you eat.
i ran into trader joes on sunday, to gather food for lunches & such, and came across this delicious display of samples. can i ever pass up the samples at trader joes? the answer is no.

i purchased the ingredients and made them as soon as we got home.

everyone loved them :)

prepare as pictured below, bake at 275 for about 15 min.


Sunday, October 7, 2012


the boy found some boots.

                                   when you can't get a sitter, have a double date at the park!
                                      here are our lovely friends at our fancy italian restaurant...
                                       now our saturdays have been renamed soccer saturday.
                                              after D's game, we head to daddy's game.
                                 the kids bring lots of toys and gatorade to keep themselves busy.

one night we were lucky enough to hang out with these two kids.
this little man was baptized.
it was precious.
little S approving her new "russian" inspired curtains.
we finally finished this puzzle.
but alas, we were missing one peice!
luckily daddy found it somewhere several days later.

this boy is starting a new habit.
silently sneaking out of his crib after we put him to bed.
who knows where he will turn up next.