Friday, May 17, 2013


my schmoopie and I celebrated 15 years of marriage yesterday.

15 years. that sounds like a really long time to me. it can't have already been 15 years.

because that would make us old.

and we are barely in our 20's. right???

it really does seem to go by in a flash.

time is crazy.

we had a lovely dinner & decided we had better go pick up our almost 13 yr. old {what!$&&$))????} and take her to a concert that she needed to attend for school. we dropped her off at the symphony and walked over to the basilica in which we were married...

15 years ago.

we said some prayers of thanksgiving together. in awe of the crazy-chaotic yet wonderfully blessed life we live everyday.

and then we tried to take some nice photos but that didn't quite work out.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

mamas day

i so enjoyed mother's day this year. as do i enjoy these little angels i am lucky enough to raise. they showered me with homemade cards full of tissue paper flowers, glitter and their very best handwriting. i was spoiled with a delicious breakfast in bed. i was even surprised with a recited poem from little S. she was so cute with her missing teeth & recited it to me several times.

my mama came over to eat the enormous breakfast paully made, complete with banana nutella crepes. {heaven on earth}

after mass, my mama, sissy & i went out for lunch & had pedicures.

then we headed over to my sisters house for a big family dinner. we (the ladies) took the kids to the park while the boys made dinner.

it was a little hot & the irrigation scents were making us a little queasy... but it was fun to go for a walk & wear the kids out.

overall i would say that it was as close to perfect as a day could get.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

little S

my little s has had a little transformation that she is quite excited about. all of her sisters lost their front teeth when they were 5. she has been waiting patiently and it finally happened.

a big toothless smile.

yay for her.
boo for me.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

da boys

i love this picture my D took of the little boys.

hard to believe they will be 3 this week!!!

things are better

ok ok. things are looking up now. the whole sick kid thing can really bring a mama down.

but alas, thank god, everyone healed and we are all better.

first things first....

this special boy

had a birthday.

i won't say how old... but boy are our cakes getting brighter and brighter.

this little boy is really needing to be kept busy. he is really looking forward to preschool in the fall.
he is going to love it.

a yummy coffee date with mom....

unfortunately a little time out at the library.... someone wasn't using library etiquette....

and this little smooch was begging me to let her do locks of love. it's just that i personally loved her locks so much. i postponed as long as i could... hoping she would forget... but no.
she couldn't wait to get those beautiful piggy tails chopped off.

and i have to say, she didn't regret it for a second. she felt like a free woman. she looked in the mirror and said...

"i love it!"

looks like i'm not the only one excited about cloth diapering....