Wednesday, May 15, 2013

mamas day

i so enjoyed mother's day this year. as do i enjoy these little angels i am lucky enough to raise. they showered me with homemade cards full of tissue paper flowers, glitter and their very best handwriting. i was spoiled with a delicious breakfast in bed. i was even surprised with a recited poem from little S. she was so cute with her missing teeth & recited it to me several times.

my mama came over to eat the enormous breakfast paully made, complete with banana nutella crepes. {heaven on earth}

after mass, my mama, sissy & i went out for lunch & had pedicures.

then we headed over to my sisters house for a big family dinner. we (the ladies) took the kids to the park while the boys made dinner.

it was a little hot & the irrigation scents were making us a little queasy... but it was fun to go for a walk & wear the kids out.

overall i would say that it was as close to perfect as a day could get.

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Peace and Love said...

yes, it was about as perfect as a day could be.....