Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i'm caving... and i like it.

this blog is a little ridiculous, but also hilarious...
i had to link back to this post because i love what she is going for here.
 for those of you who have read twilight... check this out. it's *redic*
p.s. am i too old for a pocket edward? i totallly want one. i love him. shhhh.....

busybee lauren... EDWARD

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

me and the girlzzzzz...

i just love this picture of my little squishy faced baby.

i had a lovely weekend with the little girls. p dubs took the big girls camping. i thought they would never come home. i guess they were having a wonderful time. it's cool tho. me and my little homies had a pretty big weekend. we got to have a sleepover with auntie sar and auntie nattie and TBA. we hung out and watched Taken. creepy. cool tho cuz it was filmed in PARIS!!!

now little S woke up pretty grumpy, which made it tough to do all the things we wanted to do. she was not being a nice cousin. S and TBA were at it all day. good thing they are so stinkin cute.
naughty things:
1. S hit TBA on the head with a toy pot.
2. S yelled "no" loudly pretty much all weekend
3. TBA quickly ( like the speed of lightning) knocked a full soda all over her mommy... funny, not funny for nat :(
4. D has all kinds of new scratches on her sweet little face from "loving" on kitty Charlotte.

good things:
1. we found all the material for the flower girls dresses
2. nat and i found our shoes for the wedding (patent leather, so cool and retro)
3. i was telling D about my wonder cat Patches, and how she used to go to the bathroom on the toilet (true story) anyway, she laughed and said "what? she didn't have her own glitter box?"
4. sar found her super cute shoes for the wedding.
5. we stayed up late and had an oreo picninc in the front room. they loved that!
6. watched benjiman button (weird) and jon and kate plus 8 (disturbingly sad)
7. did a photo shoot of an awesome family
8. had lots of time to just hang out and play

Saturday, May 23, 2009

a glimpse into paris.

oh man was it heaven! wish i could have stayed longer. we did miss the kiddos so much, though. we decided we would have to go back with them!!


1. eating unlimited crepes and macaroons and then walking it all off. we walked probably 100 miles.

2. meeting parisians and having a new french facebook friend!(modern day penpal!)

3. visiting all the beautiful churches.

4. drinking. morning-cafe au lait ( steamed milk). after breakfast- wine and our fav 1664 blond.

5. the farmers markets. fresh produce, meats etc. one of the perks of being up at 5am everyday- we got fresh croissants right out of the oven at the boulangeries! and mostly just the boulangeries!!!! bread. yum. more bread. and the cheese! so different from here!
6. almost dying when a dog jumped out of a trunk barking at us. it was very late and we were looking for st. catherine  at rue de bac. we never found her. bummer!

7. the view from our hotel. ooh la la.

8. all the pretty flowers....

9. listening to my new fav carla bruni, the first lady of france, although my new french friend, ameilie, tells me her reputation is questionable...

10. getting lost and not caring.
11. the amazing photo opps.
12. not understanding the hours of the metro and almost getting trapped in the station. we had to run and slide under the closing gate!

13. eating lunch under the eiffel tower.

14. learning the history of the city.

15. people watching.

16. finding the fabric district and antique flea markets. i bought a book of paintings and some old spoons. i love them. i wanted to buy... old newspapers to cover my bathroom walls, a set of 3 garden chairs, old dolls, a velvet chair, an old stool. ( couldn't fit them in my 1 backpack i brought)

17. this list could go on and on.....
i can't handle it!!!! my 2 most FAV singers singin' together!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy birthday to me!!!! gosh, i can't tell you how good it feels to be 28. again.
also.... happy anniversary to us! 11 years of marital bliss! (most of the time anyway:) thank you to all who have helped us, given us advice, put up with us, been friends with us and most of all who have loved us. we love you so much too and thank you for all you have done for us. especially childcare..... which leads me to..........

this year pdubs is taking me to paris!!!! i can't wait to sit around at the cafe, for as long as we want, sans les enfants!!! i will miss the little cherubs so much though. i can't wait to buy them lots of little french goodies and check out the little paris dresses! S was given the most adorable dress from paris when she was 2. all of the girls have worn it, now little S wears it around, rips and all! 

first communion and confirmation

S did a great job on saturday! we were so proud of her and she looked beautiful! she was a little nervous at first, can you tell?

her beautiful cake that her sponser/auntie made for her....

congrats baby!!!!

cinco de quatro and daisy tea party

L had to create a centerpiece for her daisy tea party. we decided to go with a floral theme. she worked very hard and it was truly a masterpiece!

most of our family had to work on cinco de mayo, so we decided to have a good old-fashioned front yard gathering. we came up with lots of names for the celebration, cinco de quatro, quatro de cinco, quatro de mayo...... point being, we had a great time. the neighbors came over with sombreros and home made lemoncello. soooooo good!

i think everyone had a turn singing and serenanding....
the three amigos. yikes.