Tuesday, May 26, 2009

me and the girlzzzzz...

i just love this picture of my little squishy faced baby.

i had a lovely weekend with the little girls. p dubs took the big girls camping. i thought they would never come home. i guess they were having a wonderful time. it's cool tho. me and my little homies had a pretty big weekend. we got to have a sleepover with auntie sar and auntie nattie and TBA. we hung out and watched Taken. creepy. cool tho cuz it was filmed in PARIS!!!

now little S woke up pretty grumpy, which made it tough to do all the things we wanted to do. she was not being a nice cousin. S and TBA were at it all day. good thing they are so stinkin cute.
naughty things:
1. S hit TBA on the head with a toy pot.
2. S yelled "no" loudly pretty much all weekend
3. TBA quickly ( like the speed of lightning) knocked a full soda all over her mommy... funny, not funny for nat :(
4. D has all kinds of new scratches on her sweet little face from "loving" on kitty Charlotte.

good things:
1. we found all the material for the flower girls dresses
2. nat and i found our shoes for the wedding (patent leather, so cool and retro)
3. i was telling D about my wonder cat Patches, and how she used to go to the bathroom on the toilet (true story) anyway, she laughed and said "what? she didn't have her own glitter box?"
4. sar found her super cute shoes for the wedding.
5. we stayed up late and had an oreo picninc in the front room. they loved that!
6. watched benjiman button (weird) and jon and kate plus 8 (disturbingly sad)
7. did a photo shoot of an awesome family
8. had lots of time to just hang out and play


Lorie said...

So Funny Nellie! We saw Benjiman Button Sunday Night! You're right, it was wierd! And we saw Taken 2 weeks ago. You were in Paris then. Sean said, "I wonder if they are going through some of the places that are in the movie" And yes, that was a creepy movie. ****** LOVE the girls Pics.

Love, Mindy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Can't wait to see the flw grl dresses. Love the pictuers of the girls...and I LOVE your Paris picutres. Can I tell you how jealous I am??!!

Mary Welch said...
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Mary Welch said...

Love these pictures, they are so cute! We missed you at Knocknasheega!