Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Love, Mindy said...

I hope you have a dreamy trip! And, I love all of your recent posts. The last pix of S (communion one) is priceless...and your childhood pix and your wedding pix...all so cute! Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and bon voyage! love you sister!

Lorie said...

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary!I didn't know you guys have been married for 11 years. (Sean & I were also married in May-26th)
What is your wedding date?
Hope you have a wonderful trip to France. I bet you are so excited! I would love to see your pics when you get back. Are you going to be leaving soon OR maybe you already left? How long are you staying?
So many ?s for you!:)
P.S. Love the Tricycle Pic.
Too Cute!