Friday, May 1, 2009

what makes you terribly happy?

oooh. i like this as well...... mindy-moo got this from rockstar diaries, and i got it from mindy-moo.... hmmmm.....
what makes me terribly happy?
hmmm.. so many things.... let's see.... (i want to see what makes you terribly happy as well!)

1. finding chocolate chip cookie dough, rolled into balls in the freezer, ready to put in the oven

2. strolling through antique stores

3. looking at pictures

4. winning my checkers game on my iphone

5. making banners

6. eating at cool restaurants

7. hearing my kids laugh

8. watching the kids play together in the backyard

9. finding REALLY good deals while shopping/ going to last chance

10. coffee in the morning ( i know, generic, but it does really make me happy. especially in one of my favorite cups)

i think i could go on and on, but i will stop at 10.
wait! i remembered one more.

11. riddles

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