Sunday, April 29, 2012


sugar overload

my sis and i headed up to a new cupcake shop in nosco the other day.

it was delicious.

it was pretty sweet tho.

too sweet to even eat a whole one.

we ate until we could feel the sugar rushing thru our veins.

 S was pretty excited.
 chocolate was my favorite.

 the sugar cookie was to die for.

                                            my fav still tho.... my sissy's homemade chocolate cake.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

bon voyage!

a dear dear friend of mine is leaving on a trip to the most fabulous destination ever.



i want to go too!!!

with another dear dear friend, we decided to send her off in style.

we would create a little parisian cafe for just the 3 of us.

and it was awesome.

1:30 in the am came a little too quickly.

boy did we have jet lag the next day.

                                                                    bon voyage sister!!!

                                                              eat a crepe or two for me!!

catch up...

hmmm..... where to start. i'm not sure i like this new blogging set up. my pictures are all out of order and i don't have time to fix it.....

so anywho......

there have been a few post lenten splurges. here is an example....
 my friend and i had a surprise party for our men. they were both turning 38 within 2 weeks of each other. a lot of planning went into the party and not much of it went as planned..... but it was still fun. won't get into that due to homeland security.
 here is the cutest little soccer fanatic....
 my sister had a baby!!! we had her little boy for a few days. it happened to fall over Easter. so it was fun having an extra kid around. we could take full advantage of the buddy system without a hitch.

this was also during a "broken leg phase" for L. she seems to have healed....
 Easter baskets in the making....
 a few pics from st. patrick's day????

 the birthday cake for the birthday boy.
 sweet Willa June. is that the cutest name??? i love her.
 more decorations for the party....
let's see... what else....

we got a new (to us) bigger car with leather and a dvd player to save mommy's sanity. we spend a lot of time in the car and baby R is still quite a handful. so i am more than happy to give him a paci and put a movie on in front of his face, i'm not kidding... lifesaver.

the school year is wrapping up. the 2 older girls are leaving on a school trip soon. we were a little apprehensive, so we and another school couple planned an adult getaway an hour from where they will be. shhh.... don't tell.

i'm really excited for that adult getaway.