Sunday, April 29, 2012

sugar overload

my sis and i headed up to a new cupcake shop in nosco the other day.

it was delicious.

it was pretty sweet tho.

too sweet to even eat a whole one.

we ate until we could feel the sugar rushing thru our veins.

 S was pretty excited.
 chocolate was my favorite.

 the sugar cookie was to die for.

                                            my fav still tho.... my sissy's homemade chocolate cake.


sarah said...

i know....right? it was a yittle too sweet for me. i just can't do sweets. i just don't have a sweettooth. weird, right?

Michelle said...

Mmmmmmm. Now I'm craving chocolate cake.

Peace and Love said...

I like Willa's little teeny tiny face visible in the sling....and I don't know where you girls got that sweet tooth, or sweet teeth....