Monday, June 17, 2013



can i really do it?

as the weeks of summer are in full bloom...i am questioning my abilities.

the kids are all so excited. and asking me so many questions... again and again and again. i am not kidding. all of them ask the same question 3 times. even after I answer it the first time.

and they are all hypochondriacs. i see them eyeing wheelchairs and wraps and crutches whenever we see them. D has different parts of her body wrapped and iced all throughout the day. first her arm, then her leg and finally ends the day with both ankles in ankle wraps. I'm not even sure where they get these medical grade wraps.

L has been walking around with a pillow in her shirt and bean bags around her neck so they fall right on her chest. she breathes heavily and sighs and complains about how hard it is to bend over and pick up things off the floor. she said she really feels my pain.

driving in the car... now that's a whole other story. the requests... the fights of who is going to sit where.....

but then, just when I needed it, i received a package of support and love.

a package from my grandma. 

a beautiful hand stitched quilt. the sixth one she's made for my family. 

she has been working so hard getting it finished and mailed off before the baby arrives. which of course she did.

she can do anything.

she raised 6 babies.

 i always said i wanted to be just like her.

i'm sure i'll never accomplish as much as she does, but here i am. 

blessed enough to have the chance to raise 6 babies.

i called to tell her how much i love it.

she encouraged me and said the baby will be here before i know it.

and reminded me of what an honor and blessing it is to be able to carry another life and bring another beautiful baby into the world.

then she filled me in on some details around the house.

like for the first time in 47 years they paved the street in front of her house. she said how beautiful it is and how she and my grandpa drive up and down the new road. 

i put the beautiful new quilt in the beautiful cradle that my grandpa made for my babies.

and we will wait.

my babies sure are lucky to have such loving great-grandparents. i think we are the ones that are blessed by having them in our lives.

thank you grandma & grandpa.

you are truly an inspiration.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

seattle escape

last month P & i were able to have our annual get away w our friends.
we decided on seattle.
we spent 2 nights in friday harbor and 1 night in seattle.
it was so relaxing and amazing.

mt. rainier welcoming us....


our first adventure was the tulip festival. i had always wanted to see this and it was just as amazing as i has imagined.
just so darn beautiful.

our second adventure was driving over and walking across deception pass. we chickened out on the walking over part. too creepy up there on that bridge.
again... so so beautiful.

we stayed at the cutest b&b. they brought coffee to our room each morning and made fresh chocolate chip cookies each day. i never wanted to leave.

we did a lot of hiking and driving around. we found a cool beach and skipped rocks. always keeping our eyes peeled for orcas and bald eagles. never did see an orca, however i spotted this bald eagle in the gift shop. "apprently" everyone else saw real ones....

this little church was located next to the local winery... which was in a little old school house.... which was across the street form the local famous camel. a real camel. pretty crazy to see on an island.

marionberry pie next to the sea.....

when we arrived to our hotel in seattle, which my friend crazy hooked us up, this tray of goodies greeted us. again.. more chocolate chip cookies.... my fav....

we were also hooked up at this delicious seafood restaurant. our table was practically falling in the ocean. sunset views, delicious food, great company.... heaven.

the market.... the flowers were over the top. if i lived there i would go there everyday just to get fresh flowers.

our friend enjoying his first coffee at the first starbucks.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

R is 3

it's hard to believe that my little baby boy is 3! 

we had a joint party for the boys this year. it was sports themed. we have a nearby rec center that does birthday parties. it came with a coach and a party room.

coach derek took the kids downstairs to the gym and played games with them for 1.5 hours and brought them back up for cake & presents.

the big kids were able to stay on the other side of the gym and play volleyball or basketball and do their own thing so they didn't over run the littles.

it was a win win for all.

 sar made such a fun cake. it looked like a regular beautiful white baseball cake from the outside, but when you cut into it, little chocolate sports balls rolled out. such a fun surprise. we couldn't keep little hands out of the pictures... they kept swiping.

 coach derek in action.

these two did a pretty good job sharing their birthday. they definitely felt like the stars of the show.

chocolate balls!

 blowing out the candles.....

on to the presents, there were a lot of fun trucks and super heroes. the babies found lots of fun little spots to stuff themselves into.

p really liked the batman mask. he wore it the whole time.

happy birthday boys!!!