Tuesday, June 11, 2013

seattle escape

last month P & i were able to have our annual get away w our friends.
we decided on seattle.
we spent 2 nights in friday harbor and 1 night in seattle.
it was so relaxing and amazing.

mt. rainier welcoming us....


our first adventure was the tulip festival. i had always wanted to see this and it was just as amazing as i has imagined.
just so darn beautiful.

our second adventure was driving over and walking across deception pass. we chickened out on the walking over part. too creepy up there on that bridge.
again... so so beautiful.

we stayed at the cutest b&b. they brought coffee to our room each morning and made fresh chocolate chip cookies each day. i never wanted to leave.

we did a lot of hiking and driving around. we found a cool beach and skipped rocks. always keeping our eyes peeled for orcas and bald eagles. never did see an orca, however i spotted this bald eagle in the gift shop. "apprently" everyone else saw real ones....

this little church was located next to the local winery... which was in a little old school house.... which was across the street form the local famous camel. a real camel. pretty crazy to see on an island.

marionberry pie next to the sea.....

when we arrived to our hotel in seattle, which my friend crazy hooked us up, this tray of goodies greeted us. again.. more chocolate chip cookies.... my fav....

we were also hooked up at this delicious seafood restaurant. our table was practically falling in the ocean. sunset views, delicious food, great company.... heaven.

the market.... the flowers were over the top. if i lived there i would go there everyday just to get fresh flowers.

our friend enjoying his first coffee at the first starbucks.

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Love, Mindy said...

it looks AWESOME!!! i'm green with envy!