Friday, May 17, 2013


my schmoopie and I celebrated 15 years of marriage yesterday.

15 years. that sounds like a really long time to me. it can't have already been 15 years.

because that would make us old.

and we are barely in our 20's. right???

it really does seem to go by in a flash.

time is crazy.

we had a lovely dinner & decided we had better go pick up our almost 13 yr. old {what!$&&$))????} and take her to a concert that she needed to attend for school. we dropped her off at the symphony and walked over to the basilica in which we were married...

15 years ago.

we said some prayers of thanksgiving together. in awe of the crazy-chaotic yet wonderfully blessed life we live everyday.

and then we tried to take some nice photos but that didn't quite work out.


Peace and Love said...
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Peace and Love said...

It looks pretty much typical to me.

saphire54 said...

Oh, you two Lovebirds!
truly an inspiration; Love you!