Tuesday, May 7, 2013

things are better

ok ok. things are looking up now. the whole sick kid thing can really bring a mama down.

but alas, thank god, everyone healed and we are all better.

first things first....

this special boy

had a birthday.

i won't say how old... but boy are our cakes getting brighter and brighter.

this little boy is really needing to be kept busy. he is really looking forward to preschool in the fall.
he is going to love it.

a yummy coffee date with mom....

unfortunately a little time out at the library.... someone wasn't using library etiquette....

and this little smooch was begging me to let her do locks of love. it's just that i personally loved her locks so much. i postponed as long as i could... hoping she would forget... but no.
she couldn't wait to get those beautiful piggy tails chopped off.

and i have to say, she didn't regret it for a second. she felt like a free woman. she looked in the mirror and said...

"i love it!"

looks like i'm not the only one excited about cloth diapering....

1 comment:

Elizabeth Anne said...

Her hair is SO cute!!!!!
And R-man is going to be a pro at those diapers! : )