Thursday, January 5, 2012

pro-life bath toys?

quotes from the chillen....

the other night as i was going downstairs to tell the little angels that it was time for bed,

"qick! hide! i hear medusa coming!"

while poaching an egg in my new toaster/egg poacher, S says...

"isn't poaching bad, like really bad?

baby R says all kinds of "sweet" things... the problem is that all of his sisters think he is hilarious and keep teaching him new words. he says...

"no! sit down! poop! shhhh! (in a really sharp, commanding way) bum bum! pee pee!"

a lot of potty talk going on here. he does also say nice things like
"thank you _" fill in the blank with your name. he always says a name after he says thank you :)

interesting: my friend just told us that someone hacked her husbands' email account and said "he" was stuck in spain and needed money. one of his friends sent $2000. now that's a good friend!

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Michelle said...

coincidentely, i too, am stuck in spain and need $2000.