Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter went over pretty well for the most part. on our way out the door to church we realized we didn't have any more diapers or pullups. we went with the next most logical decision... a swim diaper. and as we all know, they do not hold any sort of liquid whatsoever. right before communion, S had a little accident. so everyone who walked through our aisle may have had to walk through a puddle. we got to color eggs at the inlaws. D was upset that we had to go before her egg was done. so magoo got creative and put her egg with the dye in a jar so she could take it with us. D was delighted. she held it tightly in her hand the rest of the day, all through the egg hunts, dinner, watching tv, more egg hunts, and finally even dress up. until finally the melt downs started happening and it was time to go home. well guess what slipped out of her little hand and splattered all over the floor by the front door....

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Lorie said...

Cute Pictures. LOVE the Girls' Easter dresses! You ended up making them, Right? (I remember you said green material) Great Job! My Mom made me a couple of dresses just like that style when I was younger so it brings back memories! Wish I could do that. Maybe when the baby gets bigger I can finally learn to sew! :0)

drmom said...

That is truly what we call "Natural Consequences"! Lest she think about that egg next time she decides to tantrum! Ah Hah!