Sunday, April 5, 2009


kids say the darndest things........ well they sure do!
S is potty training (it's about time). so naturally, her bowel movements are an exciting thing to talk about. and everyone (mostly family members, not EVERYONE) seems generally interested and excited for her when she goes poo poo in the toilet. it is announced and we are all so happy for her. she smiles. we are proud. she is proud. she thinks this is normal behavior.
so we are at a birthday party..... beforehand, we decide to eat some delicious pita jungle ( which goes RIGHT thru you, but so worth it) well, we are enjoying the party when i feel that familiar "pita jungle stomach rumble" you feel about 30 min. after leaving the restaurant :) i excuse myself and take S with me because i'm not sure how long i will be "held up." she is mostly playing and asking me questions while we are in the bathroom. she says how proud she is of me for going potty in the toilet. i smile and thank her and laugh and tell her she is adorable. then, as i am washing my hands, she goes out into the main room where everyone is sitting and i hear her announce to everyone in such a proud and excited voice that "mommy went poo poo in the toilet!" i heard everyone laugh.
i about died.


Yvette said...

That was Great!!
Bailey stopped nursing to see what I was laughing at! So funny!
Good job Nellie!

Mindy said...

Yeah Nellie! I'm proud of you too! :)
That is hilarious!!!
And, we had so much fun the other night...thank you! I will email you my pix.

Sarah said...

good job!! i knew you could do it. now you get a sticker on your potty chart.

the day Matthew says something like this- I will die. I do not do well with embarrassment. I am too serious as it is...God bless the blissful ignorance of childhood. Wish we could all still be that way. (Me especially!)

drmom said...

I just don't even know what to say about this because I am laughing too much to think!