Friday, November 5, 2010

sewing project #2

this time i made shirts. they are really fun and addicting.

i got out my trusty old sewing machine. put it on the floor. and thought about what i wanted to do.
1. i found this shirt at nordie's rack for $3. it had a hole in it, but i loved the stripes and the racer back. it also meant less work for me, if the shirt is already made, all i have to do is embellish :)

i decided to cover the hole with rolled flowers.
i cut random strips from fabric, rolled them up and stitched them right onto the shirt. covering the hole first.

the hole was kinda low, so i made the flowers in a bouquet-like arrangement. i think it also kinda looks like an octopus.
pretty flowers up close :) 1 custom shirt done.

2. i had all of this fabric and old shirts and wanted to find a way to put them to use. i was inspired here. this lady is amazing. she makes such beautiful stuff :)

so i went thru the girls clothes and kept a few things that i though i could re-use.
i cut strips from a gray tank and made rolled flowers.
i was careful not to spill my coffee.
i also made bright blue layered flowers to put in there as well.
there you go, an old white tee spruced up for another go.
3. this one was my favorite. i sketched out (with green marker) a shape that i knew i would like onto this striped fabric i got at SAS. (less than $2 worth) loose fit, open neck, flowy... i even ventured into the sleeve world.
i used scraps and continued making flowers until i had used them all up.
i sewed everything several times.... kind of whimsical and messy... but very secure. on the next one, i will probably line the applique from the inside, just to secure it even more.
all done! i think it turned out pretty cute but would do lots of things differently next time.... but i do get lots of compliments when i wear it!


The Richardson's said...

You are so talented!!!!! I want one!

Yvette said...

I was waiting for this! They look awesome! I gotta get some needles for my machine!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE these shirts Nel. I wish could wear something like this in Boston bit I would freeze :)
Are you taking orders?