Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010

oldest with pumpkins.....
youngest with pumpkins....
little S had her first preschool parade, our 4th child to be in this specific parade. it was fun to remember the different personalities of the girls. big S did the parade 1st, confidently walked around, but just looked at everyone. L was very shy in the parade, she would look up and give us little smirks. D literally put her basket over her head when she had to walk the circle. Now little S, she walked around like she owned the place. smiling at everyone like they were all there to see her.
cousin A was in the parade too. she wasn't shy at all, she was the line leader!
oh and the funny thing is, S didn't even pick a costume to wear. she just wore a fancy pink dress over her clothes. oh well, she was thrilled.
i escaped one nite to do some shopping with a friend and came home to these spooky jack-o-lanterns greeting me!!

we also went to a very cute pumpkin carving party, i skipped out on the carving and spent most of my time at the buffet. can you believe how cute this set up is???

this one wore this to school nov. 1. i guess if they came dressed as a gourd, they would get an extra piece of candy. i wonder if anyone else dressed up.
we went to our very first grown-up halloween party. we dressed as pirates. my mom was nice enough to babysit all of our children. (minus 1)
can you tell what we all are???
here are the final choices for the real deal nite.....
a pirate, jasmine, a red bird ballerina girl, not quite sure what little S is, and a fairy.

happy halloween!!!!


The Richardson's said...

I love all of your "adult party" costumes!! How fun. I have not been to a real grown-up party for halloween for awhile...or maybe ever.

I had fun with you all as usual!!!!!!

Love, Mindy said...

Love the pirate!!! Looks like a fun halloween!!!

Peace and Love said...

who was the minus 1??? I LOVE so's pumpkin...what size is it????

Anonymous said...

SUCH cute pics. Love the Halloween decor at the buffet table :)