Sunday, September 13, 2009

field trip to the grocery???

D's preschool class took a field trip to the grocery store. at first i thought "big deal," she gets to go on a "field trip" with me to the store about twice a week. but it actually turned out to be very cute. the employees had put balloons all over the store and the kids had to be detectives and spot the hidden balloons. they had a good time keeping their eyes peeled and then shouting when they spotted them. they got to go in the refrigerated rooms where they keep all of the juices and milk.
the butcher showed the kids how they wrap and label the meats. it was pretty gross back there... creepy.

he gave them cute hats. D was so jazzed about hers.
the balloon collection is getting bigger!!!
they got pick an apple for a project back at school.
on the way through the bakery, the tour guide picked up some cookies.
the kids were so excited to decorate them!
especially D. what a little sweetie...

she and the boy next to her quickly realized they had the "wrong" color and made a fast switch.
yummy!!!! ( auntie Sar loves that word) yummy!!!!
thank you FRY'S!!! D felt very special and can't wait to work at the grocery store some day.


Lorie said...

Ohhhh, this brings back memories for me! I remember doing this with my Kindergarteners. We actually walked up to the store that was in the neighborhood. And it WAS a blast. We also got the apples and took them back and did some math and science lessons with them.

Mary Ruth said...

OMG_ I went with the kids on this field trip when I was prego this last time and the butcher section was almost too much for me! I really almost lost breakfast when I had to look at and smell the raw meat in the grinder. I had to excuse myself from the whole section. Yuck! We didn't get cookies though...maybe that would have made everything better!