Thursday, March 29, 2012

good stuff

hubby brought this home for me.

mad housewife. haha. funny.

some homemade mac & cheese that the kids devoured. wow mom! so good!

just kidding. they did choke some down, but much prefer the preservative infused beloved kraft kind.
got this in the mail the other day. so excited. ERIN GAUVIN..... you ROCK!

pscrubs got R a foam sword from the dollar store. he loves it. he skips with it and kisses it. he slices, stabs and lunges complete with sound effects.

that was dollar well spent.

we also got Ruby a hula hoop so S can teach her to jump through it.
she really loves that dog. she'll have her doing tricks in no time.
a view looking up from the back yard. i am soaking up this weather!!


Laura said...

so good to see good stuff

Laura said...
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Peace and Love said...

p is thoughtful. love the photo of your backyard trees and of s walking the ruby

Michelle said...

Mac and cheese recipe please.
Awesome pic of the street!

Michelle said...
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