Saturday, March 10, 2012

monkey's and zoo weather

i have caught myself so many times this week, in disbelief, shaking my head and saying that the children are acting like monkeys. it can get pretty crazy around these parts.

this is what i walked into before i even got a sip of my morning coffee....

the scary thing is that it was my baby boy who set this display up so nicely.

who wants me to babysit????

so i decided i had better get these little monkeys to the zoo. the weather is perfect for that right now.

so we packed our lunches and off we went.

we stayed a while by the warthogs. S wanted to eat lunch by them. i didn't know if i could do it. they are really disturbing looking creatures. i mean really really weird. but by the time we finished eating, i was kind of enchanted by them. they were kinda cute. in a horse, hippo, dinosaur kind of way. i kinda want one.

smile ;)

rhino..nocerous. err whatever. those are pretty weird too.

fun. fun. i am really going to miss this little girl when she's off to kindergarten all day next year.

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Love, Mindy said...

Aahhhh...I love the zoo! I have missed going...w/ no babies at home. But, randi asked yesterday if we could go.
Ok....would kill those dogs!!! I'm sure you will still make the dress look cute tho. And...your sister is darling. And...Asian foot massage...what??? R is flippin' that outfit!