Thursday, March 22, 2012

deep breaths

what a day.

it was a good day, but a long... intense day.

one of those days that i plan to let the little kids watch some educational television while i catch up on things that i have been putting off all week.

it never works out that way.

that's why i am against planning.

it started off pretty good, except that pdubs was leaving for an overnight.

never good.

we got the kids off and then he left.

i got the little kids settled and started in on some work i needed to do.

got a call from the school.

come pick up D. she threw up.

no one saw the "throw up", but nonetheless rules are rules. she must leave school.


i pack up the little kids and drive to school.
there is D. sitting with one of her little friends. both with barf buckets placed conveniently next to them.


i get a call from the friends mom not 10 minutes later.

did i think they could have been in cahoots.

yes, probably.

and did i have her daughters jacket.

yes, probably.

the other children had been wearing it all week. i wondered where it had come from.

my house is a black hole. don't bring anything here that you would miss if it were lost.

drove to costco to get ingredients to make smoothies.
finally got home. put R down for a nap.

printed off D's thank you cards and got her working on writing them. home school for the day.

finished editing some photos.

finished setting up for girl's club this afternoon.

washed the dog.

took a shower. *miracle*

set out boots for a friend that i said i would do the day before.

left for the afternoon marathon.
picked up kids from school.

dropped off carpool.

stopped at sas to pick up some needed craft supplies. listened to a mom yell and threaten to spank her 2 yr. old daughter repeatedly. ridiculous. i hate hearing that stuff. D was with me. she didn't like it either.

made it to girl's club.

ran over time.

did manage to find a *saint* who would volunteer to teach the girls a song.

made adorable felt flower clips.

raced to cello lessons.

finally sat down to help L with her craft and R fell out of a wagon.

split his lip open. blood everywhere.

emergency call to ped. & dentist. his lip was pretty swollen, but he was fine.

head home.

get almost everyone cleaned up, made dinner, get kids working on cleaning kitchen and practicing piano.

big recital coming up.

R is out of control. as i am trying to get everyone else set up, he climbs on top of the table, picks up a candle and throws it. then proceeds to throw the glass dish it was sitting in.

goll. out comes the broom. again.

finally get him bathed and in bed.


read several chapters of several books to several children.

it is finally quiet.

i take a deep breath.

i think to get the coffee ready for the morning.

we are out of coffee. we are ALWAYS out of coffee when pdubs goes out of town.

why is that?
i can't wait for him to come back.

and make me some coffee.

the end.

the other day, i finally mustered up the interest to fix the new dog eaten easter dress. i found some old lace that my beloved grandmother gave me. sewed it around the body of the dress, covering the pathetic attempts of sewing together the several rips throughout out the skirt, and sewed a matching ruffle across the top.

not perfect, but it will have to do.

one day during spring break, i spent all day curling the girls hair, bribed them with skittles, and took some spring photos.

luckily the place was still open i was hoping to go to.

everyone was pretty good, only a few meltdowns.

they all agreed to be barefoot except little S.

she refused to take off her tights and red boots.

oh well, it worked out alright.


Kellie said...

Perhaps it's because those red boots are AWESOME and she knows it!! :) These pics are AMAZING!! Your children are so beautiful...even amidst all that chaos, the pics are a good reminder ;)

The Richardson's said...

Why is it that every time I am alone too- crazy things happen around the house???

It is like the universe knows that the husbands went out of town and chaos must ensure until they return.

Every.single. time.

I hope you at least went to Starbucks or Seattle the next morning to get your coffee fix!

Peace and Love said...

What a day Nell! I LOVE what you did with the dog-eaten dress. Stella's boots kinda belong on her. The photos are beautiful. They are all so cute and darling!!!
It makes my day when I check your blog and there is a new post :-)

Love, Mindy said...

You still make me want to have lots of babies!
Pictures are dress is awesome!