Monday, March 19, 2012

D is 7. wha?????

this little beauty queen turned 7. she wanted a selena gomez party.

so that, by golly, is what we had.

D is smart, thoughtful, aware, clean, orderly, organized, hilarious, compassionate, sensitive & over all amazing.

we are so blessed to have her in our family :)

daddy went all out on his task of building a stage. that thing isn't going anywhere.

we hung stars & lights from the trees, brought out the microphones, pumped up the music...

and the singing with the stars party was launched.

we had a big "sing off".

one team sang i love you like a love song baby, by selena gomez.

the other team... rolling in the deep, by adele.

both were great renditions and the contest ended in a tie :)
D loved her selena gomez cake c/o auntie sarah.

the kids were happily hopped up on soda and golden sugar star cookies when we released them back to their parents.

after the birthday party, we shifted gears and celebrated my mom and brother's birthdays.

still putting the stage to use.

Dscrubs was the last one standing. he really rocked it. for hours.
my bro was sick & couldn't make it to his own party :(

but i think my mom enjoyed the cake. it was homemade chocolate with coffee fudge icing.

so did i. shhhhh. don't tell my lenten promise.


susiek said...

Happy birthday, D! Wish I coulda been at that party!

Aunt Susie

Peace and Love said...

D is a special sweetie...great photos of everyone...even baby Ellie makes an appearance, checking things out. Thanks for the fun birthday party, Nell; and to Sarah for the yummy cake. yum

The Richardson's said...

What a fun party!!!

Anonymous said...

neat post, love that dahlia.

Love, Mindy said... know how much i love d. remember, she will be family one day! :)
she looks so much like sarah in those pictures!
super cute party!!!
and, um, you ate cake???? i'm bringing over cookies then!