Sunday, March 11, 2012

matryoshka fun

a few months ago, i was talking to my friend, whose husband is from russia, about my obsession with matryoshkas. she said she loves them too and has them all over the house for her two little girls. she mentioned that her husband goes back often and could probably pick one up for me.

ummm... yes please!!!

well, well, well.... i was SO excited when she said she has something in the car for me :) :)

she said her mother-in-law went to the market and picked up three. yeah! i selected the red and blue ones.

they make me so happy. i love the way the fit snugly into each other. i love their colors. i love that they were fresh off the plane from moscow. i love the excitement of discovering how many little dolls will split in half.

both of these have 10 in them! the littlest one is so teeny tiny!

me and my littlest matryoshka :)

we will cherish these forever!

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The Richardson's said...

I know nothing about these things...what is their purpose? Are they toys or something else?