Sunday, February 26, 2012

ummm pop

bad dog.

so, we've begun another lenten season. i like this time of self reflection. checking myself (vice-wise), sacrificing, doing extra things for others, etc.

i'm not that original this year. it's usually some combination of the same 5 things.

this year it's:
1. no alcohol
2. no sugar
3. no nail biting

you can see the no sugar thing is well over due.......

darn that fry's private selection sea salt carmel truffle. i just don't know how it disappears so fast.

anyway. i'm ready for the challenge.

these little monkeys love the new soda fountains at firehouse. wekumdafiahou.
baby R calls anything in the whipped cream, cookie batter, yogurt family... really anything.... umm.

i unt umm. he says. a lot.

he also likes lollipops. he found a bag of "pops" around valentines day and hasn't been the same since.

so you could imagine his delight when he discovered cake pops.

ummm Pop! ummm Pop!!!

so daddy bought him one.

he couldn't believe it.
he was even attempting to pose for me. this is his "show me your smile" face.

a random pic of S, sleeping in the car. baby R must have been screaming.
happy lent! 42 days till Easter!!!!

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The Richardson's said...

Enjoy your Lenten season!

That pic of S with her fingers in her ears while sleeping is hilarious.