Monday, February 6, 2012

{one of the} best saturdays ever

a few saturdays ago, a few of my friends and i, were able to go on a historic home tour. it's one of my favorite things to do :) not only is the architecture amazing, but *most* are all decked out with super cute decor. i love hearing the stories about the houses, seeing what has been done to them, getting ideas for my house...etc.

we also stumbled upon, well it was right in front of the home tour so i guess we didn't stumble upon it, a cute boutique flea market. recovered furniture, antiques, treats, crafts.... heaven on earth.

i want those welcome friend chalk board signs bad. real bad.

these two beautiful ladies are SO MUCH FUN. we laughed and explored and oohed and ahhhed all day.
i would love to do this in my hallway. it would look so great there. so great.
love this wall. reminds me of the wall on young house love. love the ceiling detail.
i love this detail...

i want this bad. real bad.
i want to do something like this. real bad.
i want one of these right now. real bad.
is there a better way to end a sat. afternoon? i think not.


susiek said...

Looks like my kind of day! btw, I am taking an upholstery class and doing a chair similar to the ones in your pictures.
Aunt Susie

Love, Mindy said...

sounds fabulous!!! the willo home tour is sunday!!!

Michelle said...

Such a fun day! Willow district is this upcoming year?