Wednesday, February 29, 2012

matilda jane party

i recently had a matilda jane trunk show at my house. i have always love their clothes and i was pretty pumped to get the kids easter outfits. it was one of those maybe i'll splurge a little every 4 years for an outfit kind of thing. for me anyway. $$$$$

but it was still fun. we invited lots of moms and daughters. my friend from undeniably sweet events set up a beautiful sweetscape :) it was pretty awesome and with record time... cleared out!

there were children running wildly about with cake pops in their mouths, mommies getting a chance to sit and visit, and cute clothes to boot!

it was a lovely afternoon.


Laura said...

off to google matilda jane....

and I love your sweet treat set up. so pretty. I would like to have a set up like that in my house everyday. not to eat. just to look at. I love it.

The Richardson's said...

I need to see what you bought!!!